Adoptable Dogs

Some of our available dogs are purebred, NGA registered, retired racing Greyhounds, some of them are single breed Greyhound (meaning 100% Greyhound but not registered and never raced) and some of them are mixed breed Greyhounds. Greyhounds will occasionally be mixed with larger or sturdier breeds generally for the purpose of hunting, these are referred to as Coyote hounds. The choice of adopting a purebred or a cross-bred is completely up to the adopters.

If one of our dogs is being fostered it is available for adoption but the foster home will have first right to adopt. Please be sure to read our adoption procedures before applying to ensure that a Greyhound is the right breed for you.

If none of our available dogs suit your family, please contact us anyway, we can have a chat and decide if you want to go through the application process to be put on our waiting list.



Skey (Skeh-Ah) is an eight-month-old Greyhound surrendered to us from the Lower Mainland. This very sweet girl charms...