Chapter : AB
Date Of Birth : 12/01/2023
Small Dog Safe : Yes
Arrival Date: 01/14/2024
Age : Under 1 yr
Kid Safe : Yes
Gender : Female
Weight : TBD
House Trained : TBD
Breed : Greyhound Cross
Cat Safe : Cat Safe
Special Needs : No

Zuri is an adorable Greyhound x Lab/Kelpie lurcher puppy born around December 1, 2023.

Zuri came to NCGL with her four siblings from Northern Alberta.  A kind lady took them in when she was worried about their wellbeing, she contacted NCGL with hopes we could help find him a great home and here we are!  Zuri and her siblings will need to be fully vetted so if you’d like to donate to their care, we would greatly appreciate it!

Surprise!  Zuri isn’t a he… she’s a she!  Our mistake, it was a rather long day!  So that leaves us with two girls and two boys 🙂

Zuri is a very active, busy, bossy, vocal velcro-dog! She is always moving, busy, testing and, learning, but always wants her person within reach. She wants to be with you no matter what. Inside or outside, it doesn’t matter. She plays really rough with her sister and likes to be the boss. She’s very confident and is the first to try everything and keep everything. She’ll need a family that is willing to help her with her manners and let her know that she doesn’t have to be in control of everything. She has seen a cat but hasn’t been side by side yet. She respects a senior chihuahua cross telling het to stay away. Caged animals are a toy in her eyes. House training is a work in progress as it is with all puppies. She gets distracted easily when she needs to do her business outside and still have frequent accidents. Crate training is also a work in in progress. She naps well and will not mess in her kennel, however doesn’t like to be left alone and is vocal for some time. Overnights are getting better. We do bedtime at 10pm in kennel after outside time. She currently needs to go out 1-2am for a quick potty, then out again 6-7am and ready to start the day. She will need to be in a very active/dog sport home. She needs daily mental enrichment, physical activity and would blossom with a family that’s willing to help her use her drive and confidence in positive ways.  In the right home she will be amazing!
Greyhound puppies are a lot of work and are not for the feint of heart!  They need someone who’s home at least every four hours to play with them and let them out for potty.  They need someone patient who will teach them how to be awesome and friendly dogs with lots of love and kindness.  They will wreck your things, they will chew on your furniture and they will love you with every fiber of their being!  These puppies will not turn into lazy retired racers.  They need someone who’s willing to do multiple long walks every day and keep them stimulated and occupied!  This mix would probably make a great running partner or do well in fly ball, Frisbee, agility and other dog sports.  They’re going to be very active and smart!

If you think you’re the right home for Greta, please fill out and application and send it into adopt@ncgl.ca

These puppies will need three sets of vaccinations, worming and a microchip covered by NCGL. NCGL does not alter young puppies due to health concerns, but does require that all puppies adopted through NCGL are taken to a vet of our choice before their 1st birthday to be spayed/neutered at our expense, failure to do so will result in the puppy coming back to NCGL.  All other vet and care expenses will be the responsibility of the adoptive family during that time.

Greta is currently being fostered in Calgary, Alberta