Angus (Not so Wee Angus!)
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Age : 1 to 4
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PUPDATE, Nov 16th, 2016:

Wee Angus is a stunning 9 ½ month old mostly Greyhound puppy with snow white fur, pink skin, handsome brindle face, soulful brown eyes and charismatic ears. He now weighs 73 lbs and is still growing. He is completely house-trained, and is learning puppy survival skills, such as “go get it” [a ball, stick or dog], “stay” [waiting patiently on-leash], and “Angus, come” + loud whistle [as soon as he’s ready].

Very affectionate with humans of every age and description, they respond very positively to his greyhound goodwill. He approaches new and strange sounds or creatures [such as cats, blue heron, Canada geese, & loud noises] with inquisitive caution. He loves children & babies and would be a perfect family hound. He has discovered how to bark when carousing with other dogs and when he wants something at home – dog-foster’s dinner or attention, for example. He lives happily with dog-foster in an apartment that has easy access to parks and beaches, where he loves to play exuberantly and chase pell-mell with other dogs of every size and description.

Angus is exceedingly friendly, highly socialized and non-aggressive. He hasn’t had any formal obedience training and is now producing hormones, so he jumps up, paws at and chews on his dog-foster, who keeps his hands protectively gloved during walkies. He has mediocre walking etiquette on leash [Angus, not the dog-foster], as his inquisitive puppy brain is constantly distracted by every sight, sound or smell, all of which need to be tracked down and investigated. He has had all his standard vaccinations; his neutering will likely take place when he turns 1 year old, in February, after which he will be available for adoption.

[Not so] Wee Angus is a very good, affectionate puppy, eager to please, but remains a puppy; therefore more work is still required with respect to his leash-training, obedience and recall consistency, which will take much time and patience.