Vm Shes Gotitall (nka Dolly)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Gotti (nka Dolly) was born on August 13, 2015 and is a friendly, sweet girl. She likes to go on adventures, but she has her quiet side too. She crates well.

Dolly has a bit of an infection at her spay incision site. She is taking meds every 12 hours for a week to clear it up. She will need her sutures removed once she’s finished the antibiotics.

She did well in cat testing but has never lived with a cat. A muzzle should be used initially and close monitored when introductions are being made. Dolly reacted well with the other Greyhounds and responded well when meeting Jack Russell Terriers. Caution should always be exercised, especially outdoors.

Dolly has found her forever home!