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Age : 1 to 4
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Violet is one of our Saskatchewan 5!

Hi! My name is Violet Clementine Kira but my foster Mum calls me Kira and I like it. I am a 2-year-old, 54 lb, svelte Greyhound-cross. I am very shy about sharing other measurements. I currently live with a Jack Russell Terror, a Whippet (wanna be Greyhound), 2 Italian Greyhounds (who are always hiding under blankets) and two tuxedo cats. I get along marvelously with all of them. I get groomed daily by the cats.

I am very shy around people and sometimes I just don’t know what to do around them. I hope my forever family knows a lot about dogs and especially shy ones like me. I am trying hard and will now let my foster Mum give me neck scritches as long as she is sitting down. I get to sleep in my crate in the bedroom with her where I get treats for going in all by myself.

I am pretty good on a leash when we go for walks. I don’t bark, but I whine when I see other dogs and kids from the living room window but have never met kids up close. I don’t think I would like little kids because they move too fast, and fast movements really scare me.

When I got fixed (I wasn’t broke but got fixed anyway!!) my foster Mum gave me a special treat of chicken feet and chicken necks. They were delicious! I don’t take treats that are handed to me…they have to go into a dish. I’m kind of a princess that way!