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Age : 1 to 4
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This big guy was born on December 5, 2015 and a big lug but very sweet, loving and fun. He’s so very curious and must stop and sniff everything on his walks, The foster will use a harness and leash to help him adapt. He was surrendered to NCGL through no fault of his own.

Turbo is fine with other Greyhounds and dogs. He has not lived with cats and will need to be tested. He is really good with kids and although large, seeming to realize his strength, played gently and nicely with children in his former home.

After consuming 2 cups of kibble, he settled down for a quiet nap with the other Greyhound housemate. His first night in foster was uneventful, sleeping in the bedroom on his bed beside foster and the other Greyhound.

Turbo is up to date with his vaccines and will have his neuter surgery, micro-chip and teeth cleaned in the next week.

2018-10-04 Foster Update

Turbo is really adapting quickly to life in the big city, walking the beaches, greeting all humans and dogs that come along, charming everyone along the way. His leash manners have vastly improved in such a short time.

He really is quite a guy, showing a great deal of affection and is a very happy hound. He recovered so quickly from his neuter surgery without any notice of anything that had happened. He hardly skipped a beat through it all.

2018-10-14 Foster Update

Turbo had quite an adventure with his Foster-Dad. They traveled to Granville Island Market, Foster on his bike with Turbo running along side on leash. He took his commands seriously, stopping at lights, keeping right beside the bike, and looking to his Foster for directions. This is an excellent show of his intensity and attention and a wonderful accomplishment. Well done Turbo! Needless to say, after dinner, he was down for the count, dreaming of the adventure experienced that day!

Turbo cat-tested safe with a confident vet-cat accustomed to standing his ground with strange dogs. Turbo showed scant interest; mild curiosity soon overtaken by distractions from other dogs.
Two days ago he had also behaved inquisitively with my neighbour’s confident, immobile cat, in the garden.However, last night, upon spying an escaping, running cat while outside, Turbo was very eager to chase the culprit down, responding reluctantly to my leash & voice commands to heel.
Prognosis: Turbo would likely be okay living with a confident cat after proper introductions. However, he might chase cats with whom he is not acquainted.