TP Hokey Dokey (Huw)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Born on August 23, 2014, Hokey is a sweet boy. He has a pretty calm demeanor and can be a a bit hesitant about new things. He likes to take it slow across shiny floors. He responds really well to reassurance and patience. He has crated well here, but likely broke his teeth on a crate at some point, so keep an eye on him him you crate him. He may need a muzzle to prevent breaking other teeth. He likes rawhide bones.

After some initial interest, Hokey did well in cat testing, but has never lived with a cat. Use a muzzle initially and closely monitor all interactions. Hokey interacted well with the other Greyhounds and responded well when meeting Jack Russell Terriers. Caution should always be exercised with smaller animals, especially outdoors.

Hokey had two broken upper canine teeth when he arrived. Root canals were performed on both of them in order to preserve the teeth. the dental specialist recommends having x-rays done annually to be sure the fillings are still good. A little warm water on his food until he is completely healed is recommended.He likes rawhide bones.