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Tommy has been surrendered to NCGL by his owners, through no fault of his own. He was born on January 1, 2018, is a big boy (81 lbs.) and as sweet as can be. His coat is black but there is a hint of brindle marking scattered throughout his coat.A stop at the vet’s for his vaccines, microchip and exam went really well without any concern on his part, standing quietly while being examined and during several needles. He needs a little push to get into the car but travels well and didn’t bother with the other Grey during the 2-hr. drive. He was curious from time to get up and see where he was headed, but then was down again for a snooze. He greeted his fosters with enthusiasm and the resident Greyhound who he will share space with until he finds his forever home. More updates will be posted as he settles down in his new surroundings. Foster Update 2019-06-16 Tommy is adjusting well and becoming more relaxed here. He hasn’t quite figured out kibble (topped over the food dish in his kennel and buried the kibble in his blankets, only at 2 pieces of kibble last night). This morning I fed kibble to him in our Kong Wobbler and that got his interest enough to eat a cup. Will do that throughout the day until he learns kibble is his new meal. No food aggression, no resource guarding and no space aggression. He slept through the night and stirred less than Andy. He slept on a disc in our room as Andy sleeps in the hallway. Tommy definitely has a playful side, but Andy has been helping him learn when it’s appropriate. His furever family is going to be very lucky to have him. Foster Update 2019-06-24 Andy and Tommy have really started to get along. Andy, as you may know, is a bit older and definitely in full-on retirement mode compared to Tommy. However, they seem to have sorted it out that Andy is leader and Tommy is respectful/submissive. He’ll crawl up to Andy with both of their tales wagging and then Tommy will flop over and show his belly while Andy does his play bark haha. Seeing the two of them together is great. We usually put Andy inside and then encourage Tommy to let loose (run, play ball, get the zoomies) as Andy tends to referee when its not necessary. They have done well on walks together as well. Tommy is a complete sweetheart and has really settled in nicely with us and our grey Anderson (Andy). We have really enjoyed his spunky and playful side compared to our Andy that is in true retirement mode. Notes from Week 1:

  • Knows and responds after a few repetitions to the commands “lay down” and “kennel” (goes to his crate)
  • Does very well on walks on leash, no excessive pulling. He has met a few dogs from a distance on the street and has barked at them but responds quickly to being corrected (saying “ah-ah”, “tss” and tapping his chest).
  • Happily, and a bit bashfully meets strangers on the street. Tommy greets guests in our home nicely, however we know his behavior can change as he gets more comfortable in our home.
  • He has only had a few instances of being alone (in kennel) when we all go. Tommy cried/yelped until Andy went back down to check on him, lay on the carpet next to the kennel and then Tommy settled. Tommy is muzzled when we are both out of the house. No neighbours have mentioned any cries or barking when we are away (up to 5 hours).
  • We have not yet done away training with Andy gone as well as with 2 dogs we need both of us here and our work schedules have us working opposite shifts at the moment.
  • Tommy has tried to chew a couch and a slipper when he wandered off from the room we were in. He also attempted a counter surfing trick last night, causing a metal tray with chicken juices to go flying. He slipped on the juices, got spooked from the tray banging and falling then proceeded to sulk after that knowing it was wrong. Gotta love when they correct themselves eh?
  • No food aggression, toy aggression, space aggression with people – again we know this may change as his character comes out a bit.
  • He does have a very playful side and gets the best zoomies we have seen. He has high energy twice a day where he needs a play buddy to get out some energy or a backyard to race around in. He loves squeaky toys and rope toys.
  • Tommy has not yet interacted with small dogs or kids since being with us.
  • He has had 1 accident in the house, but that is also us learning about him too. No marking behaviour, though in the first few days we used a belly band. He can hold his business in over night up to 11 hours. He doesn’t yet understand that when he is let out in the backyard to go business, that it is okay for him to let it all out.  He tends do a short pee instead of emptying the tank which results in more bathroom trips throughout the day (we’re working on this).
  • Tommy went for a run with me this morning around the neighbourhood. He had a smile on the entire time, stayed right by my side and let me know when he needed to stop to business.