Spotty (nka Stanley)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Spotty, who is approximately 2 years old, was surrendered to NCGL by his owner who can no longer care for him. He has a lovely dark brown saddle on his back with a spotted white front, chest and legs. His temperament is sweet, loving, likes to cuddle and his fur is extremely soft….although he is shedding quite a bit after a thorough bath and moving from outdoor to inside living.

He rides in the car quite well and certainly keeps an eye on the road to made sure he can see where he is headed…..and he didn’t mind sharing the back with a little female. He knows his name.

The foster reports that during the past 24 hours he managed to mark a couple of spots early in his arrival but seems to be refraining from that and with the aid of a belly band for good measure.

He appears to be a bit intimidated by the resident hound and certainly defers to him, trying to learn his place in the new pack. He doesn’t want to sleep near him, in fact would prefer to be on the human’s bed. After a few hours he settled to sleep, and foster realized that they had switched beds during the night.

He’s a great ambass-a-dog, greeting everyone, cuddling anyone that comes near. He does bark a bit at the other dogs – but he wants to play and he is on leash to their off-leash. He has shown no aggression towards other dogs.

He is pretty good on leash but is curious and wants to check everything out. Foster is using a harness to try and improve leash manners.

He will make someone a very, very lucky human.

Update 2019-05-23

Today, Spotty had his neuter surgery, dental, micro-chip etc. and will be available for adoption on or about June 3rd, 2019.

Foster Update – 2019-05-29

Spotty is recovering very well from his recent surgery and a tummy infection which is being treated with antibiotics. Stitches will be removed on the weekend and he will be ready for adoption on Monday.

Spotty defers to the resident Greyhound at home; outside he is not particularly good on leash and likes to lead the way, pulling to meet everyone in the park, hounds or humans. He does not really pay attention to any commands to heel, wanting to greet everyone, he responds to human cuddling offered by anyone along the way.

When left at home there does not appear to be any separation anxiety although there is a resident dog for company. Spotty would do well in a big family with dog savvy children, another dog and a big fenced yard. He is not cat friendly.