Buy Cool Stuff for Your Grey

Some generous businesses have offered NCGL a portion of their profits or items for auction. Please support our generous donors. 

Marcotte Glass Ltd (formerly Johnston Glass Ltd)

Nearly Naked Neckwear
Handmade collars, leashes, harnesses and more.

Animal Heart Pendants
When ordering use coupon: ncglrescue



All for Pets

Pet Food Sechelt, Sunshine Coast BC, Natural Pet Food, Holistic Pet Food, Pet Toys and Pet Accessories!

Southern Cody Designs

Offering t-shirts and custom decals. When placing your order, mention NCGl and Cody will donate 15% of his sales to our organization.

Mei Dunlop Designer, Etchythings and Accents Inc.

Offering custom made ‘stamps’ – send her a side profile photo of your Greyhound & she will make up a custom stamp. Mention NCGL and Mei will donate 10% of her sales to NCGL.

Dominique’s Strange New World: The Adventures of a Retired Racing Greyhound by Diane Casenta Galutia (Author)

This book is written from the perspective of a retired racing greyhound, Dominique. As a champion racer with many wins behind her, Dominique suffers an injury at the track and her racing career ends suddenly. She finds herself thrust into this strange new world of retirement and questions her worth since all she had ever known was running and winning races.  This is a must read for all children….young and old!

Kindle Edition CDN $9.99;    Paperback CDN $17.50    Available on

If you would like to pay via PayPal please use these instructions:

Go to PayPal
choose “Send Money”
choose “I’m sending money to family or friends”
Fill out the rest of the form

Author Chad R. Chandler has just completed his first published works “Bonded in Blood“.

Bonded in Blood is a fascinating fantasy novel full of intrigue, adventure and best of all – GREYHOUNDS! Mr. Chandler has graciously offered to donate $1.00 from every sale of the hard copy of his book to helping NCGL rehome retired racers and owner-surrendered local sight hounds. We are eternally grateful and are pleased to recommend his work! Thank you so much Chad for the awesome literature and your support for our adoption group, and the Dogs thank you too!

Bonded in Blood is available on or as either an e-book or a hard copy, but only proceeds from the hard copy sale will go to help NCGL and our work with sight hounds.

Excerpt:  “The infant Prince of Carn has gone missing, and now with the threat of war looming between two nations, Valis, a Princess in the land of Petsky, has found herself in odd company. The road she travels is shared with Janian, the Earth Maiden, whose attunement with nature is unmatched and two royal greyhounds, both with the ability to share their thoughts with her through a bond only a few are now born with. And one other, her friend Cecil, who along with being her brother’s squire, is also his accused killer.”