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Shadow, who is approximately 3-4 years old, was surrendered by her owners through no fault of her own. The family decided she needed a forever home and delivered her in a custom made “Greyhound Trailer” A lovely little doghouse trailer pulled behind his vehicle, with a screened window, a door to enter/exit and painted greyhounds on the outside. Riding in style!

She appears to be a very gentle soul, obviously a former brood mama, who is reportedly good with other dogs, children and adults. Her coat is quite thick, basic black with splashes of chocolate brown. She hopped into the car without assistance, quickly laying down for the whole trip, not bothering with the other passenger Greyhound during the journey.

At the fosters she quickly watered the grass and stood quietly for the photo shoot. She does have a bit of a limp in her left hind leg which will be checked out tomorrow at the vet appointment for her vaccines, wellness check, micro-chip.

Foster just reported that at first, she was panting and pacing, all very normal on arrival into this new world of in-door living! She ate a good dinner, had lots of water and is starting to settle down.

Foster Update – 20Aug19

Shadow is happily sleeping through the night in her crate now. She is running up and down stairs like she’s been doing it all her life, and (In secure and safe areas of course) her off leash is really good! She stays right by me and comes when she’s called.  She’s also really good on leash and keeps pace (fast and slow) nicely. We have also been working on exiting the doorway nicely, and she caught on to what I was asking her within 2 tries! She is great in the car and is good with all kinds and sizes of dogs.

We are still working on her separation anxiety, and it may take some time and patience with her adoptive family, but at least it’s only barking and whining and no destructive behavior.  Whoever gets her is going to get a very sweet, loving and loyal girl! I hope there are some prospects for her to be adopted.  I know she got a lot of “wow she’s big for a girl” comments on Sunday at the Animal Expo but I do hope someone out there wants to open their home to this big love.

I’m not sure if she’s cat-safe yet as the cat I usually use for testing has fallen ill (though I don’t think she would hurt a cat. She’s shown interest in fast moving animals but no actions.) but I will try to cat test her as soon as I can.

Foster Update 24Aug19

She is doing SO well! Her separation anxiety has almost completely disappeared. She happily sleeps in the crate through the night. I’ve left her at home crated and uncrated and she might give a few whines, but most of time now—silence. I am so impressed with her.

Her time to tire out is also about 10 minutes. But she’s been joining my dogs on their hikes and working past her tired point, so needless to say I think her tiredness helps her anxiety.

She is also one of the few Greyhounds I would trust off leash. (but only and always away from traffic in a safe and secure area on her own.) She always just wants to walk right beside her person. Huge open enclosed dog park—walking beside me. She just wants to be with her person and if she loses you for a second—she quickly finds you.

Everything else is the same—she’s sweet, loving, calm. Likes food and treats and gets along fine with all the dogs.

Still not convinced she will pass cat testing though. She lets Peanut (Minpin) snap at her face and takes it, but I think if a cat showed fear, she would be too interested in it.

She will be a lovely companion for a lucky someone!

Shadow is booked to have her spay surgery on August 26th. Following a recovery period she will be available for adoption.