Badger (fna Ruger)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Ruger, a 3 year old Canadian Greyhound that was picked up by NCGL in Alberta along with his sibling.

Ruger is a super striking dude and doles out kisses like they’re going out of style! He is absolutely fabulous and drop dead handsome. He is super friendly, really cuddly, great with other Greyhounds and did well with smaller dogs.

Ruger is an amazing dog and would make a great addition to a loving family.

Foster Update – 2017-10-04

Wow, what a big boy!

Ruger (we call him Badger because he has a badger stripe on his nose) is 85 pounds of happiness and affection. I believe he has some other breed in him because he is very stocky and strong for a Greyhound and has a thicker coat than normal. Badger is a dog for someone who has always wanted a Great Dane, he moves like they do, kind of languid and in slow motion and with that gentle soft nature they are known for.

This boy loves to play and he has played really nicely with every dog we’ve met.  He also loves to dole out kisses, nonstop.! This guy hasn’t been taught many manners yet but keeps very close to his people and wants to know what he’s supposed to do, so very trainable.

Badger needs a home preferably with another dog to play with and enough room to run around in, preferably without any fragile family members or china he could knock over!  He would be great at an off leash dog park as he is very well socialized.

And Badger is gorgeous, a real looker with loads of confidence and enthusiasm for everything there is out there in the world, nothing fazes this boy.  He’s a really fun dog.