Rocky (nka Bobby)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Rocky’s owner surrendered him to NCGL at the age of 16 months old – his birthday is November 1st when he will become one of the “terrible twos”….no not really. This guy is sweet, loving, friendly and curious.

Rocky is in good physical health, weighing in at 71 lbs., with white tips on his 4 paws and tail with a tuxedo chest. He has lived outside so his coat is quite furry but he will quickly shed that extra fur and become a nice sleek black.

He gets along with dogs of all kinds – he lived with a tiny chihuahua and the chihuahua ruled! He also had a cat and a rabbit as playmates. No one told him about rabbits…..He loves children and all of the people he met today, he warmed up to immediately.

Rocky needs a little help getting in and out of cars and isn’t sure whether to sit or stand during the ride but is very willing to learn and seems to learn things quickly.

Foster Update – 08May18

Rocky is a friendly, outgoing and active pup. He has met many small dogs and been fine. Rocky is really goofy when he meets dogs, he bows and pokes his paws and nose at them, all while he does this really weird smile that shows his teeth. Many dogs don’t know what to make of him and end up growling at first but then seem to realize he is just being silly puppy.

Sorry we don’t know any cat owners but perhaps the vet can try.

He is the most puppy like dog we have had and needs quite a lot of walks and activity otherwise he gets restless. He does need chew bones, or he will chew on things he finds. He is a bit of a shoe thief, though he has not chewed any, he just brings them to his bed.

Rocky shows no food or sleep aggression and is really good on his leash. We think he would make a good family dog or for someone who likes walking or has a good fenced yard.