Rigby – All the hounds you ever wanted
Chapter : BC
Breed : Greyhound/Wolfhound Cross
Arrival Date: 02/25/2023
Date Of Birth : 02/01/2021
Adopted Date :
Age : 1 to 4 yrs
Gender : Male
Weight : Large - 80 - 99 lbs

Rigby Update:

After a few days with us we are getting to know him better. A few things about Rigby:

  • He has little to no leash training. We will walk along calmly then something will catch his attention and he must go see it. He is a big guy and is a handful when he is excited.
  • He does not seem to be as cat friendly as first thought. While he didn’t react to a cat in a carrier at the vet, he has become intensely excited at a cat on our driveway while walking and a cat in our garden that he saw out the front window.
  • He loves to be around other dogs and any dog on the street is his new best friend which means he will be trying to pull you over to them. We have our hound and friend’s that is staying with us, and they have been having some great play sessions chasing each other around the backyards. The three have no issues about who is on which bed or who has one toy or another so very easy in that regard.
  • Rigby came from a home with other dogs and is very social. Having a dog buddy would be a big plus for him.
  • He attracts attention with his size and demeaner and we have had people asking about what adoption who involve. Anyone who is interested in adopting Rigby can send questions to Paula, our BC adoption coordinator, at adoptbc4ncgl@gmail.com and be sure to send in an NCGL Adoption Application  to be considered for his best forever home.


All the hounds you ever wanted rolled into one. Rigby is an Irish Wolfhound/ Deerhound-Greyhound cross. He is a gentle giant, but more in the Deerhound than Wolfhound size. Rigby was surrendered reluctantly due to a family situation. He loves people and all dogs are his friend. He seems especially good with small dogs, and we were told his best friend in his previous home was a Dachshund.

He has good house manners and shows no food aggression or resource guarding. He easily shares beds, toys and treats with his new foster buddy. Everything is new and interesting for Rigby and he will need some leash training to overcome his “let’s go look at that!” reactions.

Rigby loves people and has been very gentle with the smaller children we have encountered on our walks.  He does like to be with someone which may be partly that he is in a new place. He is also a cuddlier. On the first night with us he climbed on the sofa so he could snuggle. How can you not love a 35-kilo lap dog.

Rigby is being fostered on Vancouver Island currently and will on medical hold under his surgery later in March.