Gus (formerly Rigby) – All the hounds you ever wanted
Chapter : BC
Breed : Greyhound/Wolfhound Cross
Arrival Date: 02/25/2023
Date Of Birth : 02/01/2021
Adopted Date :
Age : 1 to 4 yrs
Gender : Male
Weight : Large - 80 - 99 lbs

Gus Update January 10, 2024:

Gus is in foster care in Victoria and will begin working with a trainer to help him gain confidence and continue working on his manners. He is a cuddly and loving dog who needs a permanent home that is active! Gus could live with a strong minded large dog but would be happy as an only child.

Gus Update November 15, 2023

Gus has been doing remarkably at WillChris Kennels where he is currently waiting to find a fantastic foster placement.  Gus has been supported at the kennel to get used to being around many other dogs and things have gone very, very well.  Gus has made friends, gained confidence and done a lot of socializing.  Gus is a sensitive guy who wants to please his people.  He has a lot of energy, and would do really well with a hiking or running buddy, then like most sighthounds, he is the average couch potato. IF you think you would be interested in hearing more about becoming a foster for Gus, please reach out to us at  Gus has basic training and can not be in a home with small dogs or cats unfortunately.  We feel he can do well with one sibling who can teach him some ropes and enjoy some snuggles.

Gus Update October 16, 2023

Gus is back with NCGL after his previous adoption didn’t work out. He was living with three other dogs, including a small one, and he got into a fight with the little one. Gus needs to be the boss, so he can’t share his home with other dogs or cats. He is a playful and friendly boy who likes to run, dig and snuggle on the couch. He is also very curious and strong, so he needs someone who can handle him on walks. He has been learning how to walk nicely on a leash with his family.
If you are interested in giving Gus a loving home where he can be the only pet, please get in touch with Paula (NCGL Adopt BC or David (NCGL Foster BC


GUS – Originally Rigby – original post March 2023

All the hounds you ever wanted rolled into one. Rigby is an Irish Wolfhound/ Deerhound-Greyhound cross. He is a gentle giant, but more in the Deerhound than Wolfhound size. Rigby was surrendered reluctantly due to a family situation. He loves people and all dogs are his friend.  Originally we were told his best friend was a daschund, however he has been dog selective, so we do not recommend him being placed with cats or small dogs.

He has good house manners and shows no food aggression or resource guarding. He easily shares beds, toys and treats with his new foster buddy. Everything is new and interesting for Rigby and he will need some leash training to overcome his “let’s go look at that!” reactions.

Rigby loves people and has been very gentle with the smaller children we have encountered on our walks.  He does like to be with someone which may be partly that he is in a new place. He is also a cuddlier. On the first night with us he climbed on the sofa so he could snuggle. How can you not love a 35-kilo lap dog.