RC Dirty Tail (Tally)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Tally, born on December 13th, 2014, is a silly happy little girl. She enjoys being around people and comes up ready for some ear pats and eye rubs. She likes rawhide bones. She crates well.

Tally shows a lot of interest in cats and should not be trusted with them. If the behaviour is strongly and consistently discouraged, it may improve in time. She interacted well with the other Greyhounds and responded well when meeting Jack Russell Terriers. Caution should always be exercised with smaller animals, especially outside.

Tally had her ovaries removed using a laparascope procedure – it is less invasive, but required more shaving of the area. She will have her stitches removed in a week.

Update upon delivery to foster:  Tally rides reasonably well in the car but is quite inquisitive and would like to ride in the front seat if permitted.

She quickly found her bed, but ahhh – the human bed is a much better choice! She found some toys and hopped on the human bed with them and was quite pleased with herself!

She ate a good dinner of kibble, drank lots of water, checked out the crate for a few minutes and was ready for a walk. She walks very well on leash and responds to most basic commands.

Foster Update – 2018-05-05 (as dictated by Tally)

What an adventure I have been on. Just 7 weeks ago I was racing in Sarasota Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Next thing I know I had gone west 2000 miles to Colorado to be vetted by Greyhound Connection in preparation for adoption. Two days ago, I left my puppy-making bits there and traveled the remaining 1400 miles across the Rocky Mountains to Dog-Foster in Vancouver, BC on the Pacific Northwest coast. My diagonal traverse from Atlantic to Pacific is about as far as you can go across this continent. That is how almost all the Greyhounds get here.

I must be very discreet now, so everyone must promise not to spill the beans to Dog-Foster, who has been undergoing intensive training by other Greyhounds for years! So, you would think he would get things right by now wouldn’t you? The very first thing I did was bed inspection. Livingroom – check; kitchen crate – check; bedroom – check. But hold your horses cowboy, this BIG BED in the bedroom suits me best and I deserve a comfy nap after all that traveling right? Right after a good meal!

Our midnight walk consisted of me trying to keep Dog-foster exactly at one arm’s length from me; first on leash, then off-leash in the fenced tennis courts. I must admit he cottoned on to the idea right away – no doubt the legacy of all those previous hounds’ instructions. There he was, walking, stopping and jogging along right beside me without tripping. Getting him properly trained up may prove to be easier than I feared at first.

PS – you can see for yourselves what a spectacular red beauty I am by viewing the new photos posted on my page…..