Rocky Rocket needs your help

NCGL – Northwest Canadian Greyhound League is asking for donations.

Hey Everyone!

“Your resident ‘handsome stripey man’ Rocky here! I’m sure enjoying time with my amazing skinny-boy-loving foster family and the folks at NCGL! They’ve been taking such good care of me – they take me for walks, give me treats, give me lots of pets and food!”

“We went for a special car ride last week to visit the awesome people over at Yaletown Pet Hospital to get neutered….? I’m not sure what that means but they said I weigh an adorable 68lbs give or take a few pounds (to be honest I was a little bit wiggly on the scale). When they were doing my ‘pre-neuter check-up’ and ‘vaccines’ I heard them talking about how I have a loud heart? I’ll let the good folks over at NCGL Explain!”

Good morning all! While our sweet Rocky was at the vet last week to be vaccinated, neutered and chipped we discovered that he has a loud heart murmur. After discussing it with 3 vets, we all agreed that we couldn’t move forward with the neuter as there was an added risk to Rocky’s safety. We agreed that further examination should be done by way of either a chest x-ray or an Echocardiogram/heart ultrasound. A chest x-ray alone will provide certain information but can be limited and not as thorough as ultrasound – although often both are done.

We have decided to move forward with an Ultrasound Echocardiogram to figure out what’s going on with this sweet boy’s heart and give him the best chance at a long and happy life. Estimates put the cost of this procedure and his neuter at over $1000 after a very generous discount from the awesome folks at Yaletown Pet Hospital.

To help offset some of these costs, we’ve set up a little Facebook fundraiser – if you have anything to spare that’s awesome! If you don’t that’s okay too, just keep rooting for Rocky!

Needless to say, until we figure out what’s going on with this little red man, he will be put on medical hold – we will keep you all updated as we get more news!

Here’s a handsome photo of the boy with the amazing staff at Yaletown! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Rocky!

Contact Treasurer by clicking on Contact NCGL to donate Thank you everyone – for helping us keep this little not quite 2-year old healthy!