We want to introduce you to Kipur (Final Appeal). Kipur is an absolutely fabulous, friendly and handsome born May 10th, 2017. He loves lounging on the couch, going for walks and eating cookies!

Kipur was originally supposed to join NCGL Alberta on our October 2019 Greyhound haul but ended up re-injuring his leg on the haul during a turnout/pee-break on his long journey to the Northwest. He wasn’t putting any weight on the leg when they arrived in Billings, MT and it was decided at that time that the long trip back to Calgary in a snowstorm could potentially cause further injury and make things much worse. We committed at that time to take him into our program at a later date when he was well enough to travel. On the hauler he had his own ‘bedroom’ he could relax in for the rest of the journey, whereas in the van with NCGL Alberta he would have had to hang out with the other 7 dogs for what turned out to be a 12-hour drive.

The hauler continued west with Kipur and all of the other amazing pups who were on their way to Seattle to meet up with NCGL BC at the GPI Kennels (thank you GPI!). The idea of Kipur having come so far and having to head all the way back east didn’t sit well with our Alberta drivers and a phone call was made to NCGL BC to see if they had room for one more handsome boy.


NCGL’s Judy reached out to the amazing folks over at the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) who agreed to take in Kipur, get him on pain medication and figure out exactly what we were dealing with. Appeal’s name was changed to Kipur as he arrived at RAPS on Yom Kippur and the attending vet, Dr. Roey Kestelman who is Jewish, took care of him even staying late that night to make sure that Kipur was comfortable – we are eternally grateful and love his new name!


Kipur had originally broken his leg in schooling which was surgically repaired He then ended up breaking the leg again during turn out on his trip from Alabama to Washington. The dilemma we faced was deciding if his leg was salvageable or if an amputation would be better for this sweet boy? Since arriving at RAPS, he has received x-rays, bloodwork, pain medication and has seen an Orthopedic Surgeon. That surgeon believes we can save his leg if we can clear up the infection, insert bone grafts and follow up with physio and specialized treatment.


We decided to try and save his leg and that’s where your support comes in. The amazing folks over at RAPS have been extremely generous with discounting the incredible work they’re doing but it’s still going to be quite expensive. We feel it’s the right thing to do for this sweet 2.5-year-old boy. Estimates to get this leg working again are coming in at around $4,000 to $5,700 – he’s worth it.

Kipur is currently resting at home with his awesome foster mom after having surgery to remove the wiring and screws from his broken leg. His leg has been wrapped and casted and he’s being given medication to clear up a bone infection. Once the bone infection clears up his surgeon will use bone grafts to reinforce the leg along with other treatments to make sure everything stays the way it’s supposed too. He has a long road ahead of him but with his sweet disposition, the help of his foster mom, the amazing folks over at RAPS and all of our amazing supporters – we know he’ll be back in running shape in no time!

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We couldn’t help awesome dogs like Kipur or Rocky (who is also currently receiving specialized care with NCGL) without the support of this amazing Greyhound community, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.


We also want to thank the amazing folks over at Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center who originally helped this sweet boy with his injury, provided and transported some absolutely wonderful dogs to us and who have helped countless loved Greyhounds find forever homes after retirement through adoption agencies. We are so grateful you trusted us with your precious cargo and thank you for everything you do! Be sure to head on over and show them some support!

Medical Update 2019-11-02

Kipur went in to get his bandage changed and for the vet to inspect the leg to see how the infection is doing. At the time of his first surgery, a culture of the leg infection was taken and sent to a lab to find out exactly what kind of infection was in the injured area. The test was returned showing that there is a bacterial infection, which if left untreated could be fatal for Kipur.  There is a special antibiotic (Amikacin) used for a number of bacterial infections. It is very expensive ($428.00/bottle) but an order has been placed and Kipur will begin daily intravenous treatments. A further culture will be taken following the treatments and sent to the lab to see if the bacterial infection has cleared up.

2019-11-29 Update

Kipur is scheduled for his leg surgery on Thursday, December 5th – finally after 21 days of injections, bacterial inspection is all cleared up!

On Tuesday, December 3rd, BCTV will do a segment on the hyperbaric chamber at RAPS … and guess who is the star? Kipur himself! Stay tuned for the link to view his first movie!!

This pre-surgical hyperbaric treatment will prepare and stimulate the body to increase tissue function and to stimulate the body to release stems cells that can promote healing. Then we will do a post-surgical hyperbaric treatment after the surgery.

What a lucky dog to get all this extra care from the folks at RAPS. if you would like to donate towards Kipur’s surgery bill, be sure to email’s Treasurer by clicking Contact NCGL.

2020-03-05 Update

Yesterday, our special boy Kipur finally had his surgery, this definitely will be his last. Unable to combat the lingering bacterial infection, it was decided that the leg would have to be amputated. He did well during surgery and spent the night in hospital at RAPS to monitor his initial recovery hours.  As the staff returned to work he wagged a welcome to all who came to look in on him. Later in the morning he was up, walking around for a few minutes and then back to bed to snooze some more. He will return to his foster home tonight where he will join his foster sibling who has missed him during his 2-day absence!

We are saddened on one hand that his long journey has had this result, however, we are happy that he will not have to continue daily injections, the prodding of doctors and technicians on a weekly basis during bandage changes. Now he can heal and begin the next stage of his journey.

If you can donate towards Kipur’s surgery bills, please contact NCGL’s Treasurer by clicking Contact NCGL.