Brownie Needs Your Help!

Hello you fabulous Greyhound Lovers!
We’d like to introduce you to Brownie (Hashtag Pondafly). Brownie is a beautiful, sweet, cuddly, stunning and loving 7 year old boy that came in the same weekend we picked up Daisy and her 11 puppies. He’s been loving life with his amazing foster family over the past few months. He’s so sweet and adores his foster mom, dad, skin and fur siblings, however as he learned house life we noticed that he was struggling with some pain in his front leg. We thought it may be an older injury and tried to manage his pain without much success… at that time it was decided that we should do an X-ray. As all you greyhound lovers know, a limp in an older greyhound is terribly frightening, we feared the worst.
Much to our surprise the awesome folks at Bridlewood Veterinary Clinic informed us that he didn’t have bone cancer (thank goodness!) but much to both our shock, we discovered some serious hardware in his front leg to fix what was an old broken leg. Nobody knows when this happened but we do know one thing, although it did it’s job and his bone is all healed up, the hardware is hurting him.
We had a consult with the awesome Dr. Fuller and he has recommended that we remove the plates and the screws that are causing him so much pain, after that he should go on to live a long, happy and pain free life!
Here’s the thing though…. the estimated surgery will cost $4,410.00 at the low end and $5,050.50 at the high end not including bloodwork and medication. Dr. Fuller has graciously offered us a 10% discount for this sweet boy but that’s still a lot of money we need to fundraise for this boy.
Brownie and every single pup that comes into our care deserves the best care we can possibly give them. This sweet man is in some pretty serious pain and is having problems walking, removing these plates will give him much needed relief and after a time of healing, a pain free life.
We know we ask a lot of you but you’re always here for the pups so lets do some fundraising for Brownie!
If you’d like to donate towards Brownie’s care you can donate via paypal here:
or by cheque to:
Northwest Canadian Greyhound League
274 Woodside Circle SW
Calgary, AB T2W 3K4
Or by sending an e-transfer to – but be sure to email with your contact information or put it in the message of the e-transfer so we can get your receipt to you!
All donations $20 and over will receive a tax receipt!
If you can’t donate please share this post far and wide!
Lets get this boy fixed up and ready for a long and wonderful life, thank you so much – we couldn’t help these amazing dogs without your support <3