PJ Make A Play (Kam)
Chapter : TBD
Breed : TBD
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Date Of Birth :
Adopted Date :
Age : TBD
Gender : TBD
Weight : TBD

Born October 25, 2014, Kam is a happy, friendly guy. He’s a youngster though, so may be a bit unsure in new situations until he develops more confidence. Watch him closely in the house as he learns all the house rules. He crates well, but needs a very large crate for his big frame. He likes rawhide bones and stuffed toys.

Kam showed a lot of interest in cats and should not be trusted with them. If the behaviour is strongly and consistently discouraged, it may improve in time.

He interacted well with the other Greyhounds but showed a lot of interest in smaller dogs. Caution should be used in the vicinity of smaller animals. This behaviour can be improved if Kam is worked with.