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Foster Update – 2019-06-21

Piper has been returned to NCGL due to no fault of her own. Piper was an easy fit from the moment she arrived at her foster home. She hopped in the back of our car easily, is good with our dogs (a Greyhound and a Beagle) but I would be wary of her with a dog any smaller. It took some work, but Piper ended up doing pretty good with cats in another home, but caution should be taken, and interactions monitored.

That said we think she will do best with another dog that she can play with and bond to as she enjoys playing and chasing stuff. So far, we’ve have had no messes in the house. Due to her age and or boredom, however, she is inclined to chew on things when left to her own devices (i.e. sofa/chair arms, table legs, etc.), so we are working at crate training and that is going well so far.

Piper can be noisy though until she settles in the crate, is a talker when she wants attention. She listens well when corrected and comes when called quite well. She didn’t enjoy the bath we gave her but tolerated it, was good when we trimmed her nails and generally loves to be touched.  She’s an easy patient when need be. She absolutely loves to sleep and snuggle in our bed and needs to be touching us, so touching her human is definitely her love language.

Piper can be nervous on walks around other dogs and needs someone confident and patient to work on her leash manners. While she gets along great with dogs when she has a chance to meet them, she tends to lunge and bark at them when she sees them on walks. Lots of positive reinforcement and letting her know she’s safe with you will curb this in time. Piper is NOT a good candidate for off-leash dog parks as she can get nervous around other dogs and is easily overwhelmed. She also came to us with a history of some pretty intense outdoor prey-drive so fun romps in the yard with her ‘friends’ will have to do!

She’s a real sweetheart!  We are currently looking for a local home so we can help her new family work through her insecurities.