Pat C Shale (Shale)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Shale was born on November 6, 2014. She is a friendly girl with a somewhat independent personality. She enjoys attention, but isn’t one to be clingy. she likes rawhide bones and crates well.

Shale shows a lot of interest in cats and should not be trusted with them. If the behaviour is strongly and consistently discouraged, it may improve in time.

Shale interacted well with the other Greyhounds, but shows some inappropriate interest in smaller dogs. This should improve as she sees more different breeds of of dogs. Caution should be exercised when in the vicinity of smaller animals.

Shale has some decreased range of motion in her left stifle joint. It doesn’t appear to cause her any difficulty, so it has not been addressed. It is likely an old racing injury.

Foster Update – 11June17

Shale is splendid. 2½ year old Shale’s colouring is subtler than at 1st glance: she is black & invisi-brindle with white highlights under her neck, throat & on her toes. She is an inquisitive, confident, well-behaved, adaptable, affection8 sweet. Off-leash in a tennis enclosure at night she stuck very close, keeping pace at a walk, jog or run. She showed no interest in chasing tennis balls without company. When re-called she returned consistently. When encountering her first cat up close, she was inquisitive but cautious & intimidated when hissed at, nimbly avoiding him. After trying unsuccessfully to hug 2 or 3 miniature, barking, furry creatures with her teeth, she has since determined that these may be canines of a sort, not friendly but not prey either. Normal sized dogs pose no puzzle at all. She remains well-mannered, even-tempered & calm when socializing with them. She is extremely patient with humans & children, readily leaning on them for petting.

At home Shale is foster’s constant shadow, lying down in whichever room they occupy at any moment, including bathroom & kitchen. She soundly sleeps 12 hours at a stretch, alternating between her bed & foster bed during the night.

She enjoys mealtime enthusiastically & loves treats plus any human food left inadvertently on counter-tops or tables – her only misbehaviour.

Her pupils appear to be different sizes, colours & brightness. Possibly cosmetic only, this subtle anomaly should be investigated.

Shale had her public debut this afternoon at the monthly NCGL meet & greet in far-away Port Coquitlam’s PetSmart, followed later with promenades along busy Kitsilano Beach [where we live]. There was plenty of socializing with hounds & humans at both venues where Shale was a big hit.