Chapter : AB
Date Of Birth : 02/01/2021
Small Dog Safe : TBD
Arrival Date: 11/22/2023
Age : 1 to 4 yrs
Kid Safe : TBD
Gender : Female
Weight : Medium - 60 to 79 lbs
House Trained : Yes
Breed : Greyhound
Cat Safe : Cat Zapper
Special Needs : No
How is this sweet little girl still looking for a home?!
Onyx is a beautiful girl who found herself at Calgary Animal Services back in November, 2023.  NCGL reached out to the amazing staff there and offered to take her into our program if her owner didn’t come collect her and after lots of vetting of our Adoption group by CAS (which is awesome!) they determined that their sweet greyhound that they had fallen in love with, would have a fabulous chance at finding a forever home with our group!  CAS had indicated that they thought that Onyx was 7 years old but based on the lack of greying on her face, her energy level and behavior we feel she’s probably closer to 2-3 years of age.   Like a lot of greyhounds, she did have dental issues that CAS took care of and we’re thinking that’s maybe why they thought she as was older than we think she is.  Unfortunately there is no way to determine her exact age, but she’s sure full of spunk!  She has been with us learning the ropes since November and this is what her foster mom, who has told us constantly that she would keep her in a heartbeat if she was cat safe has to say about Onyx.
Onyx is an absolute sweetheart who absolutely lives for her snuggles! She’s sweet as pie with people, kids and other dogs! She does well in her crate as long as she’s in the same room or near the people she loves and is great on walks, following right by your side as long as she doesn’t see any little creatures she’d like to add to her dinner menu. She’s incredibly smart and active and would do best with a family that takes her out on fun long walks and enjoys playing with her and keep her occupied! She adores playing with toys and tennis balls and absolutely LOVES ice cubes! She loves her greyhound foster brothers and sisters, her foster mom, her babysitter and did well meeting a corgi briefly in a controlled environment with a muzzle. Everyone who meets her has fallen in love with her and her foster would have kept her in a heartbeat if she was cat safe, unfortunately she is not.
Onyx does have some things that her new family will have to work with her on. While she is potty-trained she absolutely will not ask you to go outside and will mess in the house if not let out often enough. She needs to be let out on a regular schedule and her new people will have to pay attention and make sure to put her outside if they see her looking for a place to potty. We feel that with consistent training and rewards for going outside, this will get better with time. She does not like being told no and will snap and snarl if she doesn’t get her way and her family will have to work with her to make sure she understands the rules of the house and that she’s not the boss. This does sometimes manifest in the form of food and space guarding so her family will need to be firm with her and work on building trust and structure in her life. Onyx is EXTREMELY food motivated and will counter surf and steal any food that’s left unattended so her family will have to make sure that all food is put away and not left unattended. She eats her food really fast and we feel a slow feeder or kong feeding would not only help her slow down, but keep her busy brain satisfied. Onyx also has some pretty high prey drive outdoors so her new family will have to be vigilant on walks, hold on tight and work with her on calming behavior. She is currently using a halti which seems to help but her family will need to make sure that they have a good grip on the leash and that her collar or harness is secure.
We feel that Onyx would do well with an active family with greyhound experience. She loves having greyhound buddies but as long as her new family is active, takes her on lots of walks and plays with her – we feel she could be an only dog. Onyx is not cat safe but did well meeting a Corgi a little while ago. While she does cry for about a half hour after her family leaves, she calms down in her crate shortly after and we feel this will only get better with time. She does do well with kids but we do not think a home with smaller children would be good for her as she does have to work on her space and food guarding behavior. We feel both of these will improve with training and time once she learns that she doesn’t have to control the situation and that food isn’t something that has to be guarded. She loves snuggling with her people and is extremely affectionate so people that are looking for a cuddler would be best!
Lets get this little sweetheart a home, she’s been waiting long enough <3
Onyx is being fostered in Calgary, Alberta. Please contact adopt@ncgl.ca to submit your application. 💕💕

We want to thank Calgary Animal Services for taking such good care of this girl, getting her fully vetted and trusting us to find a home for this beauty.