Olivia (nka Maive)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Livia has been surrendered to NCGL through no fault of her own and is already working her way into the hearts of everyone she has encountered.  Born on October 10, 2012, Olivia is black in colour with a thick, brown winter coat that is glistening following a thorough shampoo. She is quite petite with a stocky build, white tips on her 4 paws, tail and tuxedo chest.

So far, her main traits include a friendly, sweet and playful personality, almost constantly wagging her tail while enjoying all the extra attention. She has been very good with all the dogs she has met, albeit all Greyhounds. She is yet to be cat tested. Livia enjoyed a walk on the beach with another Greyhound sniffing every inch along the way.

Her foster home reports that she tested the human bed, but quickly learned that she has her own bed. She has eaten a good meal and is resting quietly after a busy new day in her life.

More photos and updates will be posted in a few days by the foster family.

Livia will be available for adoption following her spay surgery and recovery period, approximately the first week of May 2018.

Foster Update – 2018-04-14

Livia is the most affectionate hound, wanting to be very close to her human so that she can get fussed on, stroked, petted, snuggling in for more, getting as close as possible on the bed and couches.

She loves to talk, giving long monologues of squeaks, wines, roos, woofs and barks so that dog foster can respond to her every whim. She is extremely polite, and does not gobble her food, leaving some in her bowl for a snack later.

Livia does well when meeting other dogs although if they walk away or are too far away to sniff, she will bark to try and get their attention.

Foster Update – 2018-04-17

Olivia wants to be touching you as much as possible and her downy black coat is super silkie soft, making her irresistible to cuddle.

Olivia displays interest in other creatures, indicating she probably has a normal prey drive. We therefore suspect she will not prove cat friendly; time will tell.

Her surgery was complicated by an unexpected advanced infected uterus (pyometra) which, had it not been discovered today, could soon have killed her. Her recovery will accordingly be delayed to at least 3 weeks from now, rendering her unavailable ’til then. Chomping at the bit will merely damage potential adopters’ dentures!