Oaks Ariel (Ariel)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Born on October 19, 2015, Ariel is a sweet girl, but she may be a bit overwhelmed initially. Give her a little reassurance and she’ll come around quickly. She’s a quick learner and she tries to please. She crates well.

Ariel showed a lot of interest in cats and should not be trusted with them. If the behaviour is strongly and consistently discouraged, it may improve in time.

Ariel interacted well with the other Greyhounds and responded fairly well when meeting Jack Russell Terriers, but caution should always be exercised with smaller animals, especially outdoors.

Foster Update

On her very first night in Canada at her new foster home, Ariel had off-leash training at the fenced tennis courts, with foster sibling Felix, to show her how it’s done. She paraded around the courts heeling with Felix & Dog-foster at his command; she knows her name already & consistently came when called from across the courts; she even stopped to “wait” a few times when told.

As good as her walking etiquette is off-leash with no distractions, she is conversely an explosive bundle of erratic energy on-leash, rushing off in all directions at once to explore everything new to her, which is everything. Concentrated efforts will teach this little one how to walk nice on-leash and still enjoy all the new things she encounters.

Indoors, although the stairs at first presented a puzzling challenge, she mastered them in short order. Once at home she is very calm & well-mannered. She likes Felix, [though he’s not altogether sure about the new interloper yet] and has already bonded strongly to Dog-foster.

Foster Update – 2017-09-05

Ariel’s adventuresome nature showed on her very first trip to the beach; she didn’t hesitate to wade into the crashing waves and swim, swim, swim!

Ariel’s long weekend, spent hosting giant, former foster Wee Angus, was fun-filled for both active outdoor hounds that got along extremely well together.

At home she is very calm and gentle, playing quietly with her toys but preferring to sleep on one of her beds over other activity. If she needs to be taken out before Dog-foster remembers, she goes to the front door and vocalizes.

A forever family with active outdoor interests would suit this exquisite greyhound perfectly.

Foster Update – 2017-10-20

Ariel is coming along nicely with her leash walking etiquette since the foster has changed to a different collar and leash that allows him to correct her more quickly before her wandering ways get ahead of them on their walks. This little one, who just turned 2 yrs. old yesterday, is just so curious and interested in everything that is going on around them on their walks and doesn’t want to miss anything.

Another NCGL dog is being fostered at a neighbours’ home and Ariel loves to spend time with him, playing or just laying around chewing on toys. Walking together they are very well mannered and they will teach each other and find the best way to live this new journey they have each begun. These same neighbours took Ariel on their morning jog and she really enjoyed that experience.

Foster Update 2017-11-05

Ariel’s leash etiquette improves every week. Using the standard martingale collar is an improvement over the harness. Her youthful rambunctiousness manifests itself mostly on the outward bound part of walkies & calms down on the way back, during which she can heel nicely; unless some especially noteworthy creature crops up. Consequently, every walk begins with a refresher course of a few minutes of on leash “heel” training, which I believe is sinking in. Her dainty size means an alert human can correct any erratic forays.

Apart from that, she remains a delightful companion, shadowing my every indoor move without becoming clingy. We are quite fond of each other. Any adopters who fall for her will find their patience greatly rewarded.