Norman (fka PoPo Pepsi)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Norman (FKA PoPo Pepsi) is a 4-year old, sweet, quiet boy, of Irish decent.

Norman basks in rubs and pats once they’re offered and enjoys sitting close to you on the floor or couch.

He is an excellent traveler, easily jumping in and out of the vehicle, and generally sleeping for any duration.

He really enjoys walks and heels beautifully with very little correction. He seems friendly enough to other dogs.  Norman is adapting remarkably well to his new life. VERY interested in outdoor cats – has not been tested yet with indoor cats. He sleeps well in his crate when left alone and does not suffer from separation anxiety. He will go up inside bare wood stairs but needs lots of help getting back down. Nelson has no problem on outdoor concrete stairs.