Noah’s Bluebonnet (Lindy)
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Age : 1 to 4
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She is a real love bug, loves to get her belly scratched and will jump up and give gentle hugs. She can be a little shy if she doesn’t know you but once she gets to know you she really opens up!! Linda is about as black as they get! Just a tiny white spot on her chest.

whelped 7/7/05 – Flying Penske x Noah’s Underbite

She is very affectionate and loves to be on the bed and on the couch with you, she is a good snuggler…I don’t think she knows her name as she does not really respond to being called, she hears you, she just looks at you with this confused look on her face.

Her skin is quite dry and dandfruffy as usual, but she was super good for her bath and is excellent in the crate for drying.

She is super good with the other dogs, she plays well and seems to deal with the excitement level around here (although that is when she flings herself around and it does hurt when she crashes into you!). She has been looking to get into things as well…she was only here a couple of hours and she had her head in Kristy’s travel bag and was trying to rip open a bag of dog cookies (and who can blame her really!).

House training is coming along, she has been out with us a number of times, no problem with stairs, or strangers, so all goes well so far… she suffers greatly when scolded so will learn quickly.