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Molly, is a beautiful 3 year old Canadian Greyhound, who was picked up in Alberta by NCGL along with her sibling.

She is an absolute love, enjoys cuddling, couches and being with you 24/7. Molly is absolutely fabulous, friendly and drop dead gorgeous.

Molly is so amazing; super friendly, really cuddly, great with other Greyhounds and does well with smaller dogs. Molly would make a great addition to a loving family.

Update 2017-09-10

Molly has been staying at our satellite kennel in Washington USA. for the past few weeks. This past weekend we brought her to Vancouver where she will be fostered until we find her a forever home. More updates from her foster will follow after she settles into big city living!

Foster Update 2017-09-11

Molly is turning out to be quite the entertainer. She will do a kazillion play bows, zoomies and 360 turns on her back in the yard (which she loves!!!). She’s a super playful dog and loves to go in and out of the house for zoomies and a roll in her dirt pile!

She was very excited and playful in the morning so I took her for a long walk in the Endowment Lands. She met a lot of dogs on the trails and had excellent polite manners with them all, ones of all shapes and sizes, on and off leash (the other dogs were off leash, not Molly!)

The squirrels were out in record numbers and although she gets excited by them, she keeps on moving forward and is very attentive and responsive on leash.

She’s super easy to walk! She gets in sync with your step very nicely and checks with the foster regularly to keep on track. She needs reminding not to get ahead and to not go into tracking mode. Easy peezy.

She hasn’t been scared of anything since I met her. A very playful, confident dog. She is 1/2 way to learning how to fetch. She chases the ball and then comes running back (without the ball) but already knows to touch the ball with her nose to get a treat.

She eats very politely and although she prefers soft food to kibble she does eat it …eventually.

She has excellent house manners, is a social butterfly and loves to please you. She is very affectionate and loves attention.

She would rather not sleep in her crate even when treats and her food are in there along with fluffed up pillows. She sleeps beside it. She doesn’t counter-surf or jump up on the furniture so she may not need a crate. She hasn’t chewed up anything either.

Molly has a very sweet character and a lovely temperament.  She’s a little harder to photograph as she always moves in real close and you just get the nose!