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Breed : TBD
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Age : TBD
Gender : Male
Weight : TBD

Max was born on November 1, 2016. He is not cat safe. He is really good with kids. When at the park he played nicely with all dogs, big and small. He and a bull mastiff became fast friends while waiting for their respective vet appointments.

Max was recently surrendered to NCGL through no fault of his own and the owner is extremely sad but unable to care for him. He wants Max to find a forever home that will have more time to share with him.

Max jumped eagerly into the car and rode quietly for the most part, although curious to see where he was headed. A quick trip to the vet for a checkup, micro-chip and vaccines…..he hopped up on the scale without hesitation, weighing in at 74.9 lbs., a little on the heavy side for his medium frame.  His white fur is soft as a rabbit (huh?) with a brindle saddle and forehead. His beautiful brown eyes seem to look right through to your heart, and he is very interested and attentive in everything that is said to him.

We will provide foster updates once he is settled. Max will be available for adoption following his neuter surgery and badly needed dental work.

Foster Update 2020-01-03

Max was stressed initially but finally figured out that dog beds are good for sleeping and he doesn’t need to be on the floor. He had a restful night and enjoyed breakfast with the pack. He played in the yard, although a bit rough for the resident Greyhound. He is respectful of the little dogs in the house and lets the puppy roughhouse with him.

He went on a group walk this afternoon. Some work is needed on his leash skills. He adjusts with mild corrections. All interactions with off leash dogs were positive. He got very excited watching other Greyhounds run and play on the beach. Once wound up, he seemed a bit more interested in the small dogs running nearby.

An experienced Greyhound owner would be best, since he is quite large boned and physically strong. He laid down in the car after the walk and is currently relaxing in front of the TV. Max enjoys male companionship and looks for attention from his foster dad. An active couple with a fenced yard for some extra exercise would be ideal. He is a nice dog, who wants to please, is very handsome and will make a fine pet.