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Here is an update from Mango’s foster family:

Mango is a sweet, young, gorgeous 2 ½ year old guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.  He is wonderful company, very affectionate, and loves his cuddles. Since he first arrived in a foster home he has settled in and is becoming more comfortable with his new situation.

Initially, Mango had separation anxiety when left alone in a home. He now has another greyhound living in the house, and he has not shown any sign of distress when being left alone with his pal for long periods. We feel that he would settle best in a house with another dog.

He is sometimes unsure how to behave when he is on a walk and encounters other big dogs.  We are working with him on this. He wants to please us and is quickly learning how to be successful in this situation.

One of Mango’s most endearing behaviours is his love of water.  He swims very well, which is quite unusual for a greyhound. He loves to swim back and forth, parallel to the shore in salt and fresh water.

Mango seems to really enjoy having a lot of people around him, and enjoys having games with them in the yard. His first day with us we had a family birthday planned.  He was content to lie in the middle of the living room carpet, among the guests. He likes kids and is very respectful around them. When it comes to walks, he can get extremely boisterous when the leash comes out, so we are mindful of keeping calm ourselves, and telling him to do the same!

We would keep Mango for ourselves if we didn’t already have an older fragile greyhound with lameness issues. Like any young healthy guy, Mango seeks action in his life!


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