Chapter : AB
Date Of Birth : 11/27/2016
Small Dog Safe : TBD
Arrival Date: 08/09/2023
Age : 5 to 7 yrs
Kid Safe : TBD
Gender : Male
Weight : Medium - 60 to 79 lbs
House Trained : TBD
Breed : Greyhound
Cat Safe : TBD
Special Needs : TBD
We have an update from Lucky’s current placement!  They describe Lucky as having a goofy, energetic personality with just the right amount of energy.  He loves his zoomies when not curled up beside you.  Lucky loves people and is really great with children.   He is neutered, vaccinated and his teeth are sparkly!   He is particular about dog friends and could use some support when meeting other canines.  He is greyt on stairs and loves food and car rides!
Don’t let his age fool you….he is ready to fill someones heart with love and companionship!  Could that be you???
Original Post
Lucky is a sweet boy who is good with other Greyhounds. He hasn’t met any other breeds of dogs so we need a foster with Greyhounds only, no other breeds and no cats until we can get him tested.
Lucky is great with people but is terrified of loud noises like thunder and will jump a 6 foot fence if he’s outside during a thunderstorm so extra caution is needed as we deal with these storms.