Ln Peanut (Peanut)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Peanut, born on April 8, 2015, is a cute, sweet, little girl. She loves attention, so if she seems a bit unsure, just give her some good reassurance and she’ll soon settle in. She crates well.

Peanut showed a fair amount of interest in cats and should not be trusted with them at this time. If the behaviour is strongly and consistently discouraged, it may improve and allow her to live with cats. She interacted well with the other Greyhounds but showed some interest in smaller dogs. Caution should be used whenever near smaller animals. Peanut arrived from Florida in August 2017 and was quickly adopted into a home in Washington State.

Update 2018-03-19

Peanut has been returned to NCGL through no fault of her own. Her foster mom is in the military and has recently been deployed; her foster dad is a Warrant Officer and away from home a lot of the time. They felt it was in Peanut’s best interest to be returned so that NCGL can find her a new forever home where her family would be home more often.

Peanut is quite shy/timid and sometimes needs to be coaxed into coming out of her ‘safe spot’ but this will change with patience, spending quality time with her and showing her that the big wide world really isn’t so scary after all.

Update 2018-03-22

Peanut was not a huge fan of the snow here in Spokane, but other than that she was a great dog. She definitely needs her safe space and time to adjust, and she was not a fan of loud or startling noises. Peanut also needed a little encouragement sometimes to get moving, but we could tell she was making good progress while she adjusted to the home. She travels very well and has no issues going potty when needed. Her favourite treat is Cheerios, so keep that box in the cupboard and out of reach!

Update 2018-03-31

Peanut has arrived at her ‘foster with intent’ almost forever home…..stay tuned!