Kesha (nka Celeste/CC for short)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Celeste, born on October 24, 2016, is a very sweet, 18-month old black beauty. She was surrendered by her owner who can no longer take care of her. She is leash trained, large and small dog friendly, and gets along with cats. She rides well in the car although cried a bit because she didn’t know where her human was (who she has spent the past 18 months with) or where she was going. The owner says that she has excellent recall, which is a good thing since she is a bit of an escape artist.

She loves to cuddle and sleep with her human, making a nest out of the bed covers before settling down for the night. She loves carrots, peas and raw beef – does not like lettuce!

The owner advised NCGL that CC is a very anxious little one and also has separation anxiety. Today she showed little anxiety once she walked around the yard, met her foster siblings, a Greyhound and a miniature Schnauzer. She explored her new home, came back outside, jumped up on the two-seater couch on the patio, between the two children and lay quietly, finally falling asleep with her head in one lap. Seems she has met the family she would like to stay with forever! This foster is with intent to adopt……what a greyt day for everyone!

Foster Update 2018-07-23

Celeste had a good bath in the yard which cooled her down nicely, and there was no fuss during the bath.  She ate a good dinner and actually looked for more! Later in the family room she managed to find a spot on the couch, cuddling in for a nap until bedtime and the last outing. CC’s first night was absolutely perfect. She and her Greyhound sibling slept with their humans without a peep through the night. She ate a good breakfast, is enjoying the attention from the children who adore her already and so far, unsuccessful in trying to get her GH brother to play. He will only play when HE wants to!

This little one has landed on her feet – this next journey of her life looks like it will be amazing!