JYL Woodress (Jill)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Jill was born on March 7, 2017. She is energetic, independent. Does her own thing.

Jyl is a lovely, affectionate young dog – hasn’t seen a hand (or face) she doesn’t want to lick.  She is curious and confident and interested in everything.  She even tried to help unload the dishwasher.

She gets along very well with both the resident hounds.  She has also met the cat – a calm, relaxed, dog savvy cat, and the introduction went well.  We think she will live happily with a confident, relaxed cat.

She is still young and needs to be watched as she will chew and eat anything (a bit of a counter surfer too)!  Her leash skills are pretty good and I was able to walk her and both the other hounds myself.  She took cues from them really well.

She has very happily crated with no whining or crying, settling very quickly, but no longer requires crating.

2019-11-03 Foster Update

Jyl is doing great. Her house manners have improved so much, no counter surfing in over a week! She also is no longer trying to eat/chew things she shouldn’t (although probably would still try to if left unattended) and there is no issue at all anymore with us taking/touching food or toys that she has.

House training is good, no accidents in over a week and she will hold it when needed.

As of yesterday, we are trying to feed her in the same room as the other dogs. She still wants to wander around and graze from everyone’s dishes, but it’s not as bad (aka as hilarious) as it was when she first arrived. She’s definitely the life of the party.

We crate tested her, it did not go well. She cried and barked for basically 2 hours. Funny thing though, she will still walk into the crate voluntarily, but if the door closes the crying will start a few minutes later.

The more time we spend with her the more we realize she is a huge lovebug who really needs lots of attention and touch/love/talking/playing… we think her perfect family would be with her the majority of the time and would enjoy a snuggly and “in your face” (in a good way) type of dog.

We don’t feel like she would be happy being home alone all day, but that’s only based on our short 2 weeks with her. She may adapt to it, but she really wants to be close to her people, and close to the other dogs. As I write this, she’s standing beside my chair with her chin resting on my leg.

We are happy to take her back if an adoptive home hasn’t been found. She’s welcome here until the right place comes along.

She is a cuddle bug and probably would not be OK home alone all day; she needs people around.