Chapter : AB
Breed : Greyhound
Arrival Date: 03/20/2022
Date Of Birth : 03/01/2019
Adopted Date : 08/14/2022
Age : 1 to 4 yrs
Gender : Female
Weight : Medium - 60 to 79 lbs
Jeanie is an absolutely beautiful 3.5 year old purebred greyhound with the prettiest brindle markings. She’s an absolute love and ADORES snuggling with you every chance she gets! She loves, loves, loves people and is 100% a velcro dog that would do best with owners that are home often during the day as she does exhibit a bit of separation anxiety.
Jeanie does have some resource guarding with toys and space that her foster family is working on and would do best in a home with no small children and people that will continue her training. She’s an extremely smart and motivated lady and will need a secure yard that she can’t escape from! She loves toys and requires lots of them to play with in her new family. That being said, she thinks our stuff is pretty cool too and will regularly try to snaffu remotes, glasses, etc., play with toys should be monitored to make sure that she’s playing with the appropriate toys and isn’t trying to eat parts of them.
She loves being walked and seems to be okay meeting larger pups on walks. However, she has some pretty serious prey drive in and outdoors – she requires someone strong on the other end of the leash who will work with her tendencies to pull and chase rabbits, squirrels, magpies etc. She is definitely not cat safe!
Jeanie loves to play with her people and other dogs! She can sometimes get a bit too excited and other dogs may get annoyed with her, her family should monitor play time so she doesn’t end up frustrating her new friends too much! This little love muffin gets very very excited when she sees her people and other pups, she will sometimes nibble and nip them with pure joy, this could end up being a bit too much for certain dogs and you will sometimes end up with a little love pinch.
She does great in the car and loves to travel! Running around and playing in the yard is something she adores so a yard is necessary. While she does eat and sleep in her crate, she will start to cry if she can’t see you, so detached housing is a must!
Jeanie’s original family surrendered her to NCGL with her best friend Kajal with hopes we could find them a loving home after retiring. Although we were told that Jeanie and Kajal were a bonded pair and should stay together, after a few months we realised that they can be adopted out separately but will absolutely have to go home with another greyhound.
They have both befriended their foster parent’s resident greyhound and as they do so, seem to be drifting apart. We did separate them for a short time just to be sure they could be adopted out separately and both girls did great!
Jeanie is an absolutely beautiful, snuggly, happy, sweet little lady looking for that perfect home to call her own! She needs a home with no cats, a younger or active greyhound buddy to play with that won’t mind her excitement and no small children. She would love a yard to play in and a family that will continue to work with her on her separation anxiety and prey drive outside. If you think you’re that family please contact us at . She is a true treasure ❤
Jeanie is being fostered in Calgary, Alberta – Jeanie will be available to homes in the Alberta area first as it has been quite a while since we had pooches around here!