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Jazmine is a stunning 8-month-old Greyhound puppy surrendered to NCGL due to no fault of her own. She’s a beautiful sleek and soft black girl with just a touch of white on the tips of some of her toes and a small dot on her chest.

Jazmine is a young and spunky girl. She loves to play, talk and be a ‘puppy’. Jazmine will need a family that keeps her occupied and social. Her previous home loved her very much and did a fabulous job with her, and we expect her new family to do the same. She enjoys the company of other dogs and is cat safe.

Jazmine will need to be spayed before she is made available for adoption. Due to Jazmine’s chatty personality, we feel she would not be suited for an apartment or any attached living situation. We love her stories but your neighbours may not!

Update (as told by Jazmine)!

Hello! My name is Jazmine, Jazz, Jazzie, Jazzi-girl or J-Dawg!

I am currently living with 2 little wee Italian Greyhounds, a Whippett, a Jack Russell and 2 Tuxedo Cats. i love them all, but my foster Mum is careful with me around the IGs since I’m just a 9-month-old puppy and those little guys could get hurt easily, even though I don’t mean it. It sure would be nice if I had another playmate in my forever home, as I love to play tug and chase around in the yard.

If I need to go potty, I whine and haven’t had an accident in the house at all. I am very quiet at night and sleep in my foster Mum’s bedroom in an x-pen that gives me lots of room to stretch out. That human bed sure looks inviting though! I also know Sit, Down, Shake a Paw, Go Around. In the house, I fetch toys and am learning to “give” them back. Not sure what “counter surfing” is, but I don’t do it. I sniff, but that’s about it. I walk pretty good on a leash, but sometimes my nose wants to go other places.

I used to bark a lot, but I don’t do it so much now unless I’m playing. Occasionally I have to be told quiet. I do like to play rough but I’m learning that the play stops if I get too rough. I guess I could accidentally hurt a small human.

The cats will give me baths and I just stand there and let them lick me. Must keep them happy you know. I don’t mind at all, but if they are outside, I would love to chase them. I really like squeak toys and am pretty good with them because if I start chewing on the, they get taken away. I really, really love long-lasting bones. My foster Mum gets me organic soup bones from a farmer. They’re my favourite.

I should mention, that I am a cuddler and love to snuggle with humans or other dogs and cats.