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Jack was born on November 10, 2014, He is handsome, a really friendly, happy greyhound. He loves meeting new dogs of all sizes and all people.  He is very affectionate, he is a leaner, and he will make regular rounds to anyone present for neck and ear scratches. If he is lying down he will often roach (lay on his back) when someone passes by, hoping to entice an extra belly rub.  He is the sort of dog that just loves big hugs and snuggles.

He is generally very playful and takes great pleasure in tossing squeaky stuffed toys around. A good supply of these toys is essential. He is so playful that he can sometimes get a little over exuberant when interacting with other dogs he has just met, particularly if the other dogs are off leash. Sometimes a firm reminder is required to get him to approach with more care.

In the house Jack is very calm and has excellent manners. He is perfectly house trained and following a good evening walk will sleep silently through the night from 9:30 PM to 7:00 AM.  Very occasionally he may ask to go out before his regular wake up time, but a later turnout would prevent this. When left alone, Jack will simply sleep. He does not appear to have even the slightest trace of separation anxiety.

Access to good walking areas is important but Jack is equally happy in a bustling urban center or strolling through a park. An ideal forever home for Jack would be a nice big fenced yard to work off his energy.

Jack does have a sensitive tummy and when he goes to his forever home we would advise NOT to deviate from this diet of dry dog food, period – nothing more. When Jack gets adopted, the owners should be told to leave well enough alone with his diet. Too much fussing with his food will cause problems.  He also does not need a lot of treats as his tummy can easily get upset. He has a high metabolism and is being fed 2 cups of food 3 times a day.

Jack has spent the last several weeks at “school” in Washington State, working on his ‘manners’In the opinion of the kennel operator and trainers Jack has made so much progress, they think he is ready to go into his forever home.

Update – May 19th, 2017

Jack is back!  This sweet boy is REALLY READY for his forever home. He rode well in the car on the way home, marched up the stairs to his foster Dad’s condo, didn’t even sniff around, just snuggled down for an afternoon nap! Very laid back and this change of environment doesn’t even seem to be having any affect on him whatsoever. More updates later – but we have had two queries already today, so his forever home is most certainly in the near future!

Update – May 20th, 2017

Foster Dad reports that Jack settled in really nicely, walking well along the beach at sunset, meeting & greeting all sorts of dogs and people – no problems at all – seems to love everyone. Slept through the night on his bed in Foster bedroom, waking only when it was time to go out for morning walk and business. He is extremely good-natured and very well mannered.