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You can help by volunteering in so many different ways!


Handing out brochures in your area, posting signs, stuffing envelopes for mailing or just talking to people is one of the most important ways you can help. It takes a lot of promotion to find homes for Greyhounds and your help in this area will always be welcome. We often hold Greyhound meet and greets and if you like to talk with people it’s a great opportunity for you to come out and meet people in your neighborhood while helping us promote Greyhounds.


We can always use items such as food, blankets, collars and leashes, toys. Paper for brochures, postage, envelopes and other office supplies, or things to sell on the website. We are a registered charity with the Government of Canada and can issue tax receipts for donations.

Please click on the link below for a breakdown of income & expenses along with history back to our beginning in the year 2000.


Support us by buying raffle tickets, shopping at fundraising auctions or garage sales. Visit Shopping for Greyhounds to see all the wonderful dog related products available, a portion of the proceeds go to the dogs.

Do you or your friends/family shop online? Visit IGive.com to see if your favorite retailers participate. NCGL will get a percentage from sales at these online retailers. Sign up at IGive is free. Disclaimer (opens in new window).


We always need help fund raising. Any possible way that you can help in this department is always appreciated. Holding a garage sale, organizing a raffle or draw, phoning around for sponsorship, making things to sell on the website and many other things help us raise funds. These funds pay for things like vet bills, food, blankets, crates, collars and leashes, toys and many other things the dogs need while they are waiting for new families to love them.


Greyhounds that come straight off the track need to learn how to behave in a house. They need to learn all about things like; linoleum, carpet, stairs, cats, little dogs, windows, mirrors and much more. Foster families take a Greyhound into their home and spend time teaching it how to be a wonderful house dog. They then have to be strong of heart and give the Greyhound up when it’s ready for adoption. Failing at fostering simply means falling in love with your foster and wanting to keep it. If you fail too often you won’t have room to foster anymore Greyhounds and that is what we consider a loss, but a happy loss. Click here for Fostering Application 2018-Aug22


Sponsorship is very important to the survival of this organization. You can choose to sponsor a specific dog or you can sponsor the organization. You can sponsor an individual dog with funds, helping to cover expenses for food, veterinary care and things like toys, blankets and other ‘goodies’. Or, you can send needed items in care of the dog you would like to sponsor. You will receive pictures and updates of your ‘foster’ dog until it is adopted out.
You can also sponsor the organization by donating supplies, services or money to help pay for all the dogs’ expenses. We have no paid staff and every penny you donate ‘goes to the dogs’. We are a registered charity with the Government of Canada and can issue tax receipts for donations.


One of the best ways you can help is to adopt a Greyhound. Each and every Greyhound adopted is one more Greyhound that has found it’s way to the couch it so richly deserves and that is the best contribution of all.

If you can think of a way to help and would like to volunteer some of your time please contact us.