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Houston, born on September 9, 2018, is a big goofy boy who likes other dogs and did well at his cat test.  He loves to play and enjoys spending time with his people.  Houston is actually the brother to Dallas who came to us last year!

Houston will need to be vetted before he will be available for adoption. Houston may have two retained testicles and we will probably have to do an ultrasound to figure out what’s going on. If you’d like to contribute to his care it would be greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned as we get to know Houston better!

Foster Update – 2020-01-20

Houston is an adorable and sweet 1 year old boy looking for love!

Houston is such a good boy! His first month of being in a house have held some interesting things for this dude! Stairs – Scary at first but then – whoa! A whole new world! Nailing the ups and downs of stairs and trying hard to remember that he should not help himself to anything on the counter, even though it’s right within his reach.

Houston is settling into this living with humans quite well. He likes a comfy bed and when dinner is on time.

He is quite good at remembering that Pee Pee means doing his business outdoors, but isn’t really sure just how to tell everyone all the time.He’s getting there though as he has figured out that a little kiss and sniff to my ear in the morning seems to work well.

Houston is still working on picking up on key commands but he is very smart and will be a winner at this too eventually.

Houston is so gentle in all ways and walks very well on the lead. Car rides and people watching from the vehicle are a great adventure for Houston. He is good with kids and seems to be just unconcerned about cats. Other doggy friends will be a benefit to him for learning how to behave. He plays well with others after a warming up period.

Tall, dark and handsome describes Houston to a tee. His dark and stormy side can be quite heart breaking as this guy is the saddest when he has to be alone. Crate training is Houston’s Kryptonite. Isolation is so hard for him. He will continue to get better at this and is currently doing well with short time periods as long as 3 hours.

Houston is getting more and more confident every day.

Houston is great with kids, cats and other dogs! Houston would do best in a home with a doggy friend to spend time with or someone that’s home most of the time. Due to his separation anxiety Houston will require a detached living situation so he doesn’t annoy your neighbors!