Holly (fna Ashley)
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Age : 1 to 4
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The “hand-off” went pretty smoothly (although her sibling Greyhound brother decided to enter the van through the driver’s side door — not wanting to be left behind — crawled under the steering wheel and then clambered up onto the passenger seat finally making his way back to the dog beds in the back. Holly just followed him into the van (through the side door, as planned) and off they went.

She travels like a dream and is very curious, exploring every inch of the van interior.  She found a side storage cubby with the first aid kit and emergency roll of toilet paper and thought she might like to kill some time by ripping up the toilet paper!  She and her sibling were totally fine in the back of our van the whole way, not even one grumble and no pushing or shoving.

Update:  Holly’s new family are absolutely in love with their girl, who is full of bounce, has taught her sibling Ace to play, steals toys constantly from her human sibling’s room, flinging the toys in the air, doing athletic leaps, twists and pounces. She is not a fan of slippery wood floors, but has discovered a magic method getting through the scary places: go in reverse, sometimes backing up through an entire room! Then turn around and continue on her way. Overall, Holly is a delight, smart, friendly and funny. Ace loves her and so does her family!!

Happy trails Holly!