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Age : 5 - 7
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This little girl, weighing in at approximately 57 lbs., was born on March 10, 2012 and she is a real sweet lady. Gina was surrendered to NCGL through no fault of her own and the family could no longer care for her. Her colour is all most two-toned, a rich brown undercoat (from living outside) mixed in with regular black. Once the undercoat is gone she will be a nice shiny black!

She is very, very good with kids and other dogs. There do not appear to be any health issues and she will have a thorough check up today along with any vaccines that she may require.

Gina met her foster Greyhound brother (who is thrilled to have a foster sister to play with), they each had a sniff and she continued on her way to inspect the rest of the yard. There appears to be no problems with other dogs. She will be checked out with small dogs and cats at a later date.

Gina has lived outside all of her life but had no difficulty with climbing a couple of short sets of stairs. She continued on to inspect the rest of the house and decided that the hallway was a good place to lay down. Later she did join her new buddy, although somewhat hesitantly, on a second dog bed in the living room.

Welcome to NCGL Gina and your new life journey!

Foster Update – 2017-11-16

Gina has been here for only 4 days, but is already showing signs of overcoming some of her shyness. This little one is so shy that she spends most of her time alone on her bed in the bedroom, only joining the others in the living room for short periods. For the first day and a half she did not eat, but is now enjoying her meals on a regular basis, with very special toppings to entice her appetite. She loves her dog biscuits and special treats offered during inter-action and training.

She has met a few other large breeds of dogs with no aggressive behaviour whatsoever. She has met a couple of small dogs during walks and besides the usual sniffing, didn’t seem to be bothered at all. On walks she has encountered cats and squirrels – both rousing her prey drive which escalates to medium whimpers and a good pull on the leash. Interrupting her focus works well but does take some work for complete success.

Gina’s leash walking manners are developing well but still needs a little more time to understand what foster is trying to teach her. She likes to walk fast while taking in all the surroundings and new experiences. Traffic noise is certainly stressful for her and she steers the walks to the more quiet side streets.

Gina is a very sweet little one, loves a good tummy rub and will give kisses if foster’s face comes close to her. This little girl was used for breeding and we believe she probably spent most of her time alone, thus the fear of all things new and strange in her world.