Georgie (fka Gina)
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Georgie, born on September 6th, 2018, is a sweet happy girl with a forever-tail-wagging! Her Momma was surrendered to NCGL in August 2019 and is living happily in Victoria, BC. Her ears are awesome – especially when something new or different comes into sight! She was surrendered, through no fault of her own, to NCGL by her owner who has too many dogs and he wants her to be adopted into a loving forever home.

She has a lovely thick coat of black with shadows of brown shining through in the sunlight….especially on her nose which has quite a large brown coloured area. Her nose also has a bare spot from a time when she got too close to a campfire scorching off the fur and skin.

Georgie rode well in the car, settling right down once we got moving and taking in all the new sights along the way. She was welcomed at the vet’s office for her vaccines and micro-chip and wagged her tail for everyone who greeted her. She didn’t seem bothered at all by other dogs in the waiting area. She stood still and wasn’t stressed in the least during her wellness exam and needles.

She greeted her foster’s male Greyhound with a wag and sniff…..very easy going and did not appear to be stressed or bothered by all the newness in her life.

Foster reports already that she is really chill – going on a walk on the beach, greeting anyone and everyone, human or canine, without incident. Back at the foster’s home, took a look around, checked out the dog beds, the foster’s bed, checked out the kitchen and finally found a comfy bed for a nap in the living room. More foster updates to come!

Georgie will be available for adoption after her spay surgery and recovery, in approximately 2-3 weeks..

2019-02-20 Foster Update

Georgie is very affectionate with Dogfather. To get his attention, she barks in a high-pitched chirp. Then nibbles at his hands and fingers, (which she finds way tastier than her kibble) while he pets her ears, that are superb by the way, and rubs her soft tummy.

At barely 18 months old, Georgie is still an energetic, unfocused puppy during walks, but she seems to be willing to learn proper leash manners when not completely distracted by all the irresistible new sights, sounds and smells of Springtime.

Indoors, she is a typical lazy Greyhound, happlity napping on all the hound beds between pets from Dogfather. At night she sleeps comfortably on whichever hound-bed she picks.

Some very lucky family will be able to adopt Georgie when she has recovered from her spay surgery, being done on February 27th, 2020.

“Methimx Georgie iz setling in cumfartabibly enuf at 24 owerz.” This particular comment is from the resident Greyhound – says it all!

2020-02-23 Foster Update

Georgie [fka Gina] is young [18 mos], undisciplined, energetic, noisy & very affectionate. Indoors, she & resident hound play quite rambunctiously: bowing, pawing, bitey-facing, chasing & barking. She likes to chew my arm & hand & nibble my fingers while being petted, barking if I dare to pause. Outside [on leash], she charges at anything that moves: geese, pigeons, dogs, skate-boarders, etc. I suspect she has an uninhibited prey drive & wouldn’t risk exposing a vulnerable puddytat to her, which she would undoubtedly try to chase.

2020-03-23 Foster Update

My mini-pack of blacks is pure joy. They play together [& with me] indoors, & walk well together on a tandem leash, sometimes even doing their business in unison. What a thrill when that happens! Georgie has blossomed into so delightful a companion that any family she decides to adopt will be fortunate indeed.

She is well-behaved outside, with a controlled level of new-to-the-world puppy inquisitiveness. She now responds to leash-handling commands and to some voice-commands. She likes to scamper, not really run, on the extremely rare occasions – now that the tennis courts are padlocked shut – she was able to be safely off-leash. Although she has no desire to run away, her recall needs work as she does like to play keep-away. A yard would therefore be a prime luxury.

She is happy with 3 or 4 short walks per day plus one longer one, spaced 4 to 6 hours apart. Frequency is more important than length, in order to relieve her bladder regularly, especially within 4 hours after a meal. She vocalizes – more a chirp than a bark – only when she needs attention, rarely barking loudly and never incessantly when corrected. I doubt that the neighbours [who also have dogs] notice.

Every time I think she is completely house-trained after days or even weeks of continence, she shocks me with a quick squat & wee on the hall carpet. Therefore, it’s very important to carefully restrict her drinking & make sure she gets a short walk about 4 hours after eating or drinking, in the absence of a readily accessible yard. I hasten to add, Georgie sleeps well through the night, without rushing to get up or get out come morning. With water rationed to 10 or 20 slurps after last walk before bed, she easily goes 8 or 9 hours overnight before her morning outing.

It seems to me, with most everyone confined to barracks, that this would be the perfect time for Georgie to adopt someone: plenty of bonding time, heaps of affection, plus the perfect excuse for getting outside & keeping a 6-foot-long leash distance away from other humans.

In the meantime, I am happy having Georgie’s affectionate attentions during this isolated time.

Foster Update – 2020-04-13

Georgie is rapidly stealing my heart….she continues to be a really fine girl who has finally got her P-break schedule figured out. No more accidents in the house!

She greets everyone with a wagging tail and big smile – greeting all humans and canines along the way during walks. Her puppy-like outlook on life is wonderful and is a joy to watch. She is definitely ready for her forever family and will be a truly ideal addition to any household. Now that she has learned the ways of ‘condo living’ she has adapted well to the scheduled outings for walks.