Everylittlething (Elthi)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Elthie, born on April 9, 2017, has been surrendered to NCGL to be re-homed. Her owners could no longer take care of her and asked us to take her in. She is a beautiful red and tan Brindle, with a terrific disposition, manner and presence, weighing in at 50.5 lbs. She originally came from Florida running 30 races, winning 2 and placing 2nd in 8 before being retired in June 2019.

She rides perfectly in the car although she had to be helped in, she sat down almost immediately after sniffing out the resident hound along for the ride. She walks extremely well on a loose leash and although curious about her new surroundings, she did not pull to investigate further.

When arriving at her foster home, she met the resident hound, checked out all the beds, including the human’s and the crate. She seems very comfortable in her new surroundings despite living outside over the past 5 months.

She is good with other dogs, children and is extremely friendly. She has not been cat tested but showed some interest in the vet’s cat.

More updates to follow. This sweet girl will not last long and will be available for adoption before Christmas after her spay surgery and some recovery time.

Foster Update – 2019-11-24

Elthi spent her first night enjoying all the luxuries of inside living, eating a bountiful meal of kibble and going for a late night walk with wonderful leash manners – all without any incident. Foster reports that she slept through the night peacefully and primarily with all fours up in the air, until at some point hearing a thud, he found that Elshi had fallen off her bed and landed under the human bed. After being manually manipulated from under the bed and back onto her dog bed, she returned to a deep sleep until morning. She appears to be easily handled, without any resistance to being maneuvered by human hands.

Today Elthi will travel by BC ferry to Vancouver Island to a her new foster home, so there will be more updates as her journey continues. This short report reiterates that this little one is going to find her forever home quickly and some lucky person is going to adopt a wonderful Greyhound.

2019-11-27 Foster Update

Wow, this little girl has a lot of personality! She gets along well with everyone so far, but we haven’t met any cats yet. Walks very nicely on a leash. Loves to play and get attention. Favourite activities include eating, sleeping, roaching, roaching while sleeping, and hoarding toys and shoes in her crate. She rides very well in the car and doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety. She has a good appetite and is quite talkative when dinner is late. Overall, she’s very lovable, I think she’ll go fast.

Elthi was cat tested and was interested in the cat, but there was no aggression or fixation.  Elthie would be good as long as the cat didn’t run. Caution and further cat testing should take place if the adopting home has a resident cat.