Chesky (fna Steeple Rd Barry-Esco))
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Age : 1 to 4
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Chesky is a very handsome black boy, surrendered to NCGL in BC. We do not have very much information on him but will update his bio once we check out his racing history.

We do know that he is approximately 2 years old and came from Ireland. He walks quite well on leash and has a fairly calm manner.

He’s bonding already with foster Mom who has indicated already that she is “smitten”.

Chesky will go for his medical assessment, vaccines, and other testing in the next day or two. He will be available for adoption following recovery from neuter and dental procedures.

Foster Update – 2017-09-28

Chesky had his surgery yesterday and is recovering very well……wondering why he isn’t getting fed more! Don’t think it will take too long for this guy to be back in the swing of things!

Chesky seems to be a ladies man and has an eye for those females (dogs)! He is very sweet and loves all people and is very good with them. He has met small dogs and had no issues with them and gets along with dogs that comes to visit at his foster home.

He loves to get reassurance and will rest his head on foster’s knee to get head/ear rubs. He crates well and seems to enjoy having his own space when not following foster around. Likes to watch her in the kitchen, so his bed gets moved there so he can be comfortable while supervising dinner preparation.

Chesky will take it easy over the next few days and be ready to find his forever home very soon.

Foster Update 2017-10-06

Chesky has healed nicely from his surgery and will have the stitches removed on Saturday. He has graduated from sleeping in his crate at night, to sleeping peacefully on his bed by the foster’s bed without a stir through the night.

Chesky is walking much better on leash, he likes all the dogs he meets, and like most Greyhounds would like to get his paws on those pesky squirrels! He would make a good city dog as the traffic noises do not bother him at all although some loud noises will startle him somewhat. They will try to do some cat testing in the next week or so.

He loves head rubs, doesn’t try to get up on the furniture and likes his toys, being a silly boy and very cute while playing. He’s a very good dog.

2020 Update – Now living in Ontario after a short stay with GGPA under the leadership of Angel Teddy Lee and Hoot Lee.