DC’s Embargo (Ember)
Chapter : BC
Gender : Female
Weight : Medium - 60 to 79 lbs
Arrival Date:
Breed : Greyhound
Adopted Date :
Date Of Birth : 10/20/1998
Deceased Date : 08/01/2012
Age : Senior

A dark brindle, female Greyhound has been surrendered to NCGL by the Penticton Animal Control Shelter. This is due primarily to NCGL’€™s developing relationship with the SPCA and other municipal animal control shelters. Ember was turned over to NCGL because of our expertise with sight hounds and our continued efforts to care and re-home Greyhounds and/or mixed breed sight hounds. We have absolutely no information about Ember or her previous owners. She appears to be healthy and loves people. We are not even sure how old she is.

Our volunteer reports that Ember rode well in the car, did well going up open stairs, has a broken/chipped canine tooth, and walks well on leash. She met and got along well with another Greyhound, Italian Greyhound and other breeds at her boarding kennel. She does not get along with cats.

Our volunteer reported that Ember ate a good dinner, slept soundly through the night, and enjoyed a good breakfast in the morning. Ember needs a good bath to show off her beautiful coat. She is a really beautiful girl and wags her tail all the time you are talking to her. She is a very happy girl. Her brindle coat is stunning and her face is so dark it is almost black.

Foster Update 2017-07-04

Ember will get her fifth bath tomorrow morning, hopefully we can kill the skunk odors with this one. Otherwise she is fitting in too nicely, We have never met the ‘perfect’ Greyhound before, she has done nothing wrong, yet!

Foster Update 2017-07-06

Ember got all her shots today and the vet estimates her age to be 7 years. Apparently Ember is eager to get attention; even the shots and blood draw didn’€™t phase her.

Foster Update 2017-07-13

Ember has had her spay surgery and is healing well. Her appetite is good and she has started to put on a bit of weight, presently 66.6 lbs. (30.21 Kg).

She is a happy, confident girl and greets everyone with an enthusiastic tail wag. Gets along well with strange dogs large and small and we believe she could be cat trainable. Ember is learning her name, understands several commands like come, no, down, kennel. We are working on some others like leash, sit, and stay. She will retrieve a stuffies toy or ball.

Ember has shown a possessive trait where she will give a low growl when another dog approaches her toys or master but will share food and water. She wants to be 1st dog out the door so is probably best as an only dog. She doesn’€™t seem to mind being left alone for short periods but she hasn’t been tested for longer periods. So far there have not been any in-house accidents and she sleeps through the night up to 10 hours without a problem.

Ember would be absolutely perfect in an apartment or condo, no barks, walks well on leash and very friendly. We are quite sure she would love to be around children as well.