Duron June Bug (Colt)
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An owner has surrendered his Greyhound to NCGL because his work schedule is such that he is not able to spend quality time with him and he has had to rely on doggie day care and even some night boarding. He has asked us to find a loving forever home for him.

Colt, born on February 28, 2012, is a vert handsome neutered male, fawn/brindle, 80 lbs., with a very docile temperament. He is up to date on veterinary care. He tested well with small dogs, large dogs and children. Cats is on a per basis thing. He does well on stairs, knows commands such as “lay down/upstairs/come/wait”. He is very affectionate and does not bark. He rides very well in the car, is not dog aggressive.

Colt is an ideal dog, minus his separation anxiety but that usually just means he needs to know where you are at all times; he gets lonely without the company of his people or other dogs. He does well in daycare, and 1-2 nights boarding. Any longer and he comes back food aggressive until he settles back in.

Colt is in wonderful shape physically and was taken on hikes with his previous owner. He even owns a ‘cool down’ vest to wear after he’s been out on a long hike!

After only two days, Colt is settling in very nicely at his foster home. Here is their update:

He is a sweet, affectionate boy and was obviously treated very well and loved at his previous home. Greyhound hugs are a favourite and he’s definitely a ladies’ man. Colt handles very well on a leash and loves to go for walks. He gets quite excited when he sees his jacket and leash.

Getting in and out of vehicles is easy and he enjoys car rides. He watches out the car window for a while and then will settle down to relax.

We have absolutely no concerns with Colt and small dogs. He watches when the foster family’s two dogs play and we expect he’ll be ready to join in as soon as he’s comfortable and perhaps there are some goofy-Greyhound antics waiting to emerge. Colt has shown no signs of dominance or aggression. We are sure he’ll be happy in either a family with other dogs or as an only child.

Colt knows several commands, like “lie down”, “upstairs”, “come” and a few others. And anyone who has had a Greyhound knows that that’s pretty impressive.

At his previous home, it was noted that he is anxious when left alone. Colt certainly watches us carefully and will get up to follow anyone leaving the room. We have tested him only with brief absences and he does whine. We think this is trainable with time and as he gets confident, but we’d encourage that he be placed in a home with a stay-at-home family member.

Colt is a pretty special guy and we think anyone lucky enough to offer him a forever-home will enjoy him immensely.


Colt and his Dowry