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Dillon is one of our Saskatchewan 5!

The boys have had some HUGE breakthroughs thank you to the amazing work by their foster parents Kirsten and Mike! Thank you so much! These boys really need a home to call their own though, so if you’re looking for an amazing dog – please send in those applications!

Dillon is a striking boy who turns heads when he goes on walks. Estimated to be 5 years old and weighing a whopping 100 lbs, Dillon is a Greyhound x who was rescued from a situation of neglect and abandonment, along with several other dogs, including his ‘brother’ Emmitt, to whom Dillon is very bonded. Dillon is extremely traumatized from his past and arrived in his foster home completely shut down. He has come a long way but has a long road still ahead of him.

He is very sweet, smart, and gentle and walks like a dream on leash. He is crate trained and house trained, and he gets along with the dogs and cats in his foster home. He loves to play tug and keep-away with his foster-pup sister when out in the yard. In the house, while Dillon initially spent most of his time in his crate he’s now discovered the pure joy of being a ‘house dog’ and can almost always be found lounging around on the couch with his best friend and foster sister and his amazing foster family! He still has some fear issues due to years of neglect but has come such a long way, with a little bit of patience and a lot of love, this big mush man will be the love of your life!

All the dogs we pulled out of Saskatchewan are amazing and show no signs of aggression. They all tend to be shy and cautious of new situations but with their backgrounds who can blame them? They have come such a long way with overcoming their fears and learning to love again with the help of their amazing foster parents. Although these sweethearts may need a bit of extra time and patience, we know you’ll not find a more beautiful and gentle companion.

Dillon will need a home with another canine buddy to show him the ropes, he can constantly be seen snuggling with his sweet foster sister and learns a lot from other dogs! Dillon is also amazing with small dogs and cats!

Unfortunately, both Dillon and Emmitt have suffered some kidney damage due to neglect suffered in their previous situation. We have been working with vets to improve their kidney function, so they can go on living a much happier life than they had! Their incredible foster mom has worked so hard to find a perfect diet that really works for these boys and their issues. They don’t seem to be bothered at all by their medical conditions and are thriving in their foster home – you would never know that there was even anything wrong. This will more than likely be a life-long issue but with proper nutrition (notes on their amazing and super researched diet will go with them) they should both go on to live healthy and happy lives!

Dillon has lived most of his life as a neglected dog – we’re hoping there is someone out there who is willing to adopt him and treat him like the absolute incredible dog he is. He’s been waiting a long time for a home – could that be yours?