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Foster Update – 2018-07-09


Denali is one of our Saskatchewan 5!

Denali is a sweet gentle soul who’s trying super hard to let go of her past and be brave!

She’s an absolute sweetheart but really struggles with change, whether it’s meeting new people, going for walks or changes in her environment – this sweet girl will need some work and we are so grateful to her foster mom for helping her with these baby steps that will eventually move her forward into a happier new life!

Denali has suffered from some medical issues – the pads on her feet were white and stringy but have seen some improvement with a great diet. She had to have her tail amputated when we had to remove a lump that turned out not to be cancerous, due to an old injury – she’s also missing a portion of her nose, but it doesn’t seem to bother her or effect her good looks!

Despite her fears, this sweet lady is scaling mountains every single day! Denali now excitedly greets her foster mom when she comes home with her little nubbin tail wagging away, she’s now decided that she doesn’t need to sleep on the floor every night and now spends the evenings cuddling with her foster mom in her foster mom’s bed and she now makes brief eye contact when confronted by people she doesn’t know and seems curious about them, even briefly sniffing body parts you offer before turning away – she doesn’t even shake as much or for as long! These may seem like small steps or most, but for a dog who has had no reason to ever trust people, she is so incredibly brave and these small steps are massive leaps in courage!

Denali will not be available until we can help her gain some confidence and address her medical needs. If you’d like to donate towards Denali’s care, we would greatly appreciate it.