Right Sudden (Sue)
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Sudden is a very sweet, happy and active 9.5 yr old. Update on Right Sudden (or Sue as we have been calling her):

She is settling in well with our household. She gets along well with our other dogs (4 border collies and Greyhound Penny!) and whilst she watches our 2 cats, she hasn’t shown any interest in them except to sniff them.

She’s dealing with the lino quite well and is getting her confidence going up and down the stairs off our deck to the back yard (about 5 steps). She is housebroken and whines when she needs to go out.

She will chew on a dentabone if offered to her but shows little interest in putting anything else in her mouth. Dr. Dekens had to pull some of her teeth so it takes her a while to work on the bone but she doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort. She is very gentle taking cookies from your hand.

She is a little stiff in her hind end but that doesn’t stop her from playing in the back yard. She enjoys her evening walks around town. Dr. Dekens also mentioned some cloudiness in her eyes but is doesn’t seem to affect her vision.

She’s a very sweet dog and she has a habit of chattering her teeth together when she is excited. Sudden would love to have a kiddy pool of her own.

Whelped 9/1/93 – Braddy x Frosty Day

Right Sudden is such a gem. Her personality is really starting to come out and she is very comical. She finally went in her pool on a warm 20 degree Celsius day.

She also met a moose in the paths we walk in and the crazy sight hound was too busy sniffing around to see the moose. We took her to a gated area and she got to run free off the leash – wow, can she ever go!

Sudden just loves people and other dogs so much – she is a pleasure in every way.