Craigie Tafari (Tafi)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Tafi, born on October 8, 2013, is a beautiful Red Brindle brood mama. She is a pretty big girl weighing in at 33.3 kilos (73.6 lbs.)

Her personality is so happy; her tail seems to be wagging continually and she loves to give kisses to anyone that is near! The vet said she was relaxed and happy even while administering her vaccines and inserting a micro-chip, not even a flinch.

Tafi rode well in the car once we got going…settling right down although all the while trying to remove that pesky muzzle. She rode well with another Greyhound, only one growl when feeling she was being a little crowded.

She ate well, going into her crate willingly, even sharing the crate at one time with the resident foster-Greyhound. She appears to be more than willing to please and responded well to ‘stay’ while a harness and leash were being put on for a late-night walk.

When we arrived at the fosters home, there are 3 flights of 4 steps each, carpeted and up she went no problem. However, coming down was a very scary challenge. Foster held her, encouraged her, helped by first placing her front paws on the first step and then the back. By the third set of steps she clumsily managed, despite her fear, to do the last on her own. Interestingly enough, she managed the outside steps just fine! No doubt she will be racing up and down on her own as she appears to learn things quickly.

The foster will send us an update in a few days, but this beautiful girl is going to make some family very happy and won’t last long. Her spay surgery and dental will take place in the next week or so and Tafi will be available for adoption at that time.

Foster Update – 2018-11-02

No sign of indoor aggression of any kind from Tafi; sleep space, food or toy. For fun she even shares the same crate happily with resident Greyhound, only reacting with a “grrr” if trod upon startlingly. They slept peacefully on their respective bedroom beds through the night, occasionally swapping beds.

Foster always separates hounds during meals, so they can enjoy their own meals bother-free.
Tafi seems to prefer chewing her toenails to chewing toys. If told to stop, she stops. She also enjoys various tactile manipulations.

After balking at going down a carpeted staircase the very first time, on subsequent occasions her initial reluctance was completely forgotten, mastering the carpeted stairs perfectly.
During late night walkies’ off-leash tennis court training she rarely strayed from foster and displayed excellent recall response to his voice and her name, which she already knows.

During sunny daytime beach walkies she was thrilled with everything in general and gleefully greeted other dogs and leaned on delighted strangers.

Tafi, in addition to stunning, is smart, cooperative, confident, happy and affectionate. Once spayed she will be a top-of-the-line keeper for some very fortunate forever family.