Cleo (fna Angie)
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Age : TBD
Gender : TBD
Weight : TBD

Just a few weeks ago Cleo was homeless and wandering the streets. Cleo’s estimated age is 1 year old.

Cleo truly loves the outdoors and would love if her new family has a nice yard she can run around in to get rid of some of that puppy steam. Her leash manners need a bit of work.  She enjoys dogs but would probably be fine without a canine friend. Cleo is pretty good with the cats but does show some interest if they go zooming by, but certainly trainable.

She loves you, the giver of food, best anyway! She is confident, curious, and happy and while she might look like a full grown little lady, Cleo is all puppy on the inside.  With that, she does need a little guidance on what is appropriate but she is learning very quickly.  She sits politely for treats, knows to go to the front door when she needs to go outside, and after a day of fun loves to snuggle on the couch with her people.

Cleo is beautiful inside and out and will put her entire puppy heart into being the apple of your eye. It’s all she wants.

Cleo is a super special fun greyhound/wolfhound cross. She’s incredibly smart and knows sit, stay and down! She knows she can learn more if her new family takes the time to teach her. She’s really sweet and loving and is looking for a family that enjoys tons of fun! Being a younger lady she still has a bit of that puppy-playfulness in her and would love it if her new family comes soon so she can have life-long friends to play with! Cleo is cat safe

Cleo (fna Angie)